Apirl 13 2021

ASUS Introduces Chrome Enterprise Devices for Modern Day Businesses

ASUS Chrome Enterprise devices combine the benefits of top-notch ASUS hardware with the business capabilities of Chrome OS


  • Versatile and lightweight ASUS Chrome Enterprise devices provide professionals with secure, effective tools they need to be productive.
  • Robust IT capabilities include advanced security controls, flexible access to corporate data, simplified orchestration and 24/7 IT admin support from Google.
  • Deploying Chrome Enterprise devices increases IT efficiency and fosters greater business productivity with cloud-first devices and zero-touch enrollment.

ASUS today announced ASUS Chrome Enterprise devices, an exciting offering that combines the benefits of top-notch ASUS hardware with the business capabilities of Chrome OS. ASUS Chrome Enterprise devices are specifically built for business — enabled with Chrome Enterprise and housed in versatile, lightweight and robust ASUS Chrome devices to provide professionals with the tools they need to be effective and productive.

The lineup of ASUS Chrome Enterprise devices spans Chromebooks with clamshell and convertible designs and various form factors, as well as Chromebox models tailored to different business needs. With this offering, businesses can enjoy features such as zero-touch enrollment and Parallels Desktop to optimize workflows for cloud-first devices.

Meet the ASUS Chrome Enterprise family

Featuring Intel® Core™ processors, the ASUS Chrome Enterprise device family delivers powerful performance and reliable access to cloud-based leading SaaS apps to empower end-users to be productive from anywhere. With devices that turn on in only six seconds and provide users with up to 12 hours of battery life , ASUS Chrome Enterprise devices offer business-class performance, security and durability to meet the needs of modern-day professionals — from remote workers and retailers to frontline employees and hospital staff, there is an ASUS Chrome Enterprise device for any business scenario. Users can experience unparalleled versatility with the Chromebook Enterprise Flip series with its 360° ErgoLift hinge, opt for the durable Chromebook Enterprise notebook series with its traditional clamshell design or enjoy the reliability of the Chromebox Enterprise series. ASUS Chrome Enterprise devices also come with up to three years of hardware support , ensuring businesses get the service they need for years after their initial purchase.

  1. Zero-touch enrollment is available on both ASUS Chrome devices and ASUS Chrome Enterprise devices.
  2. Parallels Desktop requires at least: an Intel® Core™ i5 or i7 processor, 16 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage. For more information about Parallels Desktop on ASUS Chrome Enterprise devices:
  3. Battery hours may vary by models and using scenarios
  4. Terms and conditions may apply, please check with your local ASUS representative. Additional information: