ASUS F1 LED Projector, FULL HD (1920*1080), 1200 Lumens, Short Throw, Horizontal & Vertical Keystone Adjustment , Auto Focus, 2.1 Channel Audio, Audio by Harman Kardon, Wireless Projection, HDMI
  • 1200-lumen long-life LED light source for best-in-class Full HD visuals.
  • Short-throw lens lets it project images measuring from 25-inch (0.63m) to 210-inch (3.7m).
  • High-fidelity 2.1-channel audio with Harman Kardon® audio technology
  • Horizontal and vertical keystone adjustment as well as autofocus ensures sharp and distortion-free images.
  • Wireless projection lets you effortlessly stream content from smartphone, tablet or other mobile devices for high-definition entertainment or presentations anywhere.
F1, front view


Big Screen Thrills. Sharper Details.

ASUS F1 is a portable, short-throw LED projector that enables stunning presentations or gaming experiences anywhere. With 1200-lumen light output and Full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution, the F1 projector provides bright and crisp images measuring from 25 inches (0.63m) up to 210 inches (3.7m). Horizontal and vertical keystone adjustment as well as autofocus ensures images are sharp and distortion-free, even when projected from an angle. Built-in Harman Kardon® audio technology delivers immersive, high-fidelity 2.1-channel audio that perfectly complements the projected image to ensure games and multimedia sound as good as they look.

1200-Lumen, Full HD, Zero-Maintenance Lamp

Bright, Crisp, and Powerful Projections

With 1200-lumen light output and 100% NTSC color space coverage, ASUS F1 projects bright and crisp Full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution images. A mercury-free RGB LED light source ensures gorgeous, fade-free projections for up to 20 years, or about 30,000 hours of use.

Short-throw for Any Space

Magnificent 210'' Display

ASUS F1 enables a maximum projection size in minimal space and gives you the flexibility to present or enjoy media anywhere. With short-throw technology, ASUS F1 requires as little as 25 inches (0.63m) to project stunning 210-inch (3.7m) images.

2D Keystone Adjustment

Easy Setup

Horizontal and automatic vertical keystone adjustments of up to ±30 degrees correct for trapezoidal distortion that can occur when projecting at an angle. This correction allows the projector to be placed off-center, so you can stand in front of the screen while presenting without blocking the image.


F1 Built-in camera to capture the image and adjusts the focus of projected images automatically.

Incredibly Refresh Rate

720P@120Hz refresh rate decimates lag and motion blur. You'll experience amazingly -fluid gaming visuals and there will be no break in the action!

Immersive Gaming and Entertainment Experiences

Built-in 2.1 Channel Audio

With two 3W stereo speakers, a 8W subwoofer and embedded Harman Kardon® audio technology, ASUS F1 delivers powerful, high-fidelity 2.1-channel audio for immersive entertainment experiences and more engaging multimedia presentations.

Cable Free

Project Directly from Your Mobile Device

ASUS F1 features wireless projection lets you effortlessly stream content from your smartphone, tablet or other mobile devices* for high-definition entertainment or presentations anywhere.

*It supports Android and Windows 10

Instant Height Adjustment

ASUS F1 features instant height adjustment thanks to a two-level flip-down stand that can be quickly adjusted to suit the task at hand; this saves you lots of time compared to messing around with fiddly traditional adjustable screw-stands.

Remote Control

ASUS F1 also comes with a convenient remote control that offers intuitive navigation and operation of the projector's functions especially when you hang the F1 on the ceiling.

Comprehensive Connectivity

ASUS F1 features dual HDMI and VGA ports to provide maximum compatibility with external devices. USB-A power output can provide 5V/2A power charging for devices simultaneously when projection.
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