ASUS RP-AC55 Dual-Band AC1200 WiFi Extender / Access Point / Media Bridge
  • Extend your existing 802.11ac dual-band Wi-Fi network with speeds up to 1167 Mbps
  • Two external antennas enhance Wi-Fi signal coverage for whole home coverage
  • Quick and secure setup with just a press of the WPS button
  • Smart LED signal indicators help you find the best location for optimum Wi-Fi performance
  • Small form factor for easy placement anywhere in your home

Great Wi-Fi coverage for multi-devices

ASUS RP-AC55 is an 802.11ac Wi-Fi repeater that works with any router to boost range, improve coverage and help eliminate dead zones. It's an ideal addition to your existing 802.11ac network that extends Wi-Fi to every corner of the home for all your devices.

Experience Ultra-Fast Wireless

Powered by the new 802.11ac chipset, RP-AC55 delivers ultra-fast wireless-AC speeds up to 867Mbps on the 5GHz band — that's about 3 times faster than standard Wireless-N! This high-performance wireless lets you enjoy ultra-smooth online gaming, snappier web surfing and other bandwidth-hungry tasks without a wired connection.

Easy one-click setup with WPS button

You can use the WPS buttons on RP-AC55and your router for instant automatic setup. Optimized performance is assured for a seamless and smooth internet experience. For advanced settings, you can connect RP-AC55 to a PC via an Ethernet cable and access the web-based configuration menu directly.

Easy setup with ASUS Extender App

Now It's much easier and more intuitive to set up your ASUS repeater. With just a few taps, you can easily transfer your router's login information to the repeater, and there are easy instructions to help you find the ideal location for RP-AC55. It's all PC-free and right in your hand!

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ASUS extender app helps users to easily setup their home network
  • Tip1: Distance from router

  • Tip2: Place in stairwell

  • Tip3: In open space

Find the best location for your ASUS Repeater

Your ASUS RP-AC55 repeater works in any size or shape of house.

  • For best results, ASUS Repeater needs to be within range of a strong and stable router signal, and should be placed between the router and the location where you need better wireless coverage.

  • Multi-Story Home

    A modern house with two stories, Wi-Fi should cover wide on each floor. In a two-story house, the best location is often in the stairwell, so it can receive a good signal on both floors.

  • Ranch Style Home

    Square or L-shape home with only one story. In a single-story house, the best place is in an open area with as few nearby obstacles as possible.

  • Too far from router

  • A clear space and straight to router

  • Too Close with Router

  • router

    Too far from router

  • router

    A clear space and straight to router

  • router

    Too close to router

  • Too close to objects

  • Place in the stairwell

  • Poor signal reception

  • router

    Too close to objects

  • router

    Place in the stairwell

  • router

    Poor signal reception

  • An unobstructed space

  • In a corner

  • Too close to objects

  • router

    An unobstructed space

  • router

    In a corner

  • router

    Too close to objects

  • Tip1: Distance from router

  • Tip2: Place in stairwell

  • Tip3: In open space

Find the Best Spot with ease

Handy positioning LEDs make installation simple!

Too Far Away
Move RP-AC55 closer to the router
Best Position
Both LED indicators are off
Too Close
Move RP-AC55 further away from the router

3-in-1 modes for ASUS repeater

The versatile RP-AC55 can be also be used as an access point (AP) or as a media bridge. In AP mode, it adds Wi-Fi hotspot to a wired network, allowing wireless devices to connect to the internet. In Media Bridge mode, it adds Wi-Fi capability to any device with a network port.

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