ASUS Premium Care - Introduction

We care for your gear - ASUS gives you better protection with Premium Care.

What is ASUS Premium Care?

With ASUS Premium Care, you can extend your warranty period, expand the warranty coverage, and add extra protection to your ASUS Products with hassle-free repair or replacement.


When can I purchase ASUS Premium Care for my ASUS Products?

1. ASUS Warranty Extension Package must be purchased and activated within the warranty period of your ASUS products. 
2. ASUS other services (Local Accidental Damage Protection/ Battery Service Package/ Hard Disk Drive Retention/ On-Site Service) must be purchased and activated within 180 days of your ASUS product invoice date. 
3. Only Notebook/ Commercial Notebook/ Gaming Notebook can be purchased for extended warranty within the machine warranty period, and the total warranty is limited to a maximum of three years.


Where can I purchase ASUS Premium Care for my ASUS Products?

ASUS Premium Care can only be purchased in the country where you originally purchased your brand-new ASUS Product from. You can purchase from:

  1. MyASUS app: Click Here to see MyASUS Warranty extension package Purchase Process
  2. Visit ASUS Service Shop and input your serial number to check which kind of ASUS Premium Care is suitable for you.
  3. Visit ASUS Store and click on warranty extension section.
  4. Contact ASUS authorized reseller for detailed information.

* Please note that the availablility of ASUS Premium Care may vary by country.


ASUS Premium Care is available for the following ASUS Products:

  1. Notebook
  2. Commercial Notebook
  3. Gaming Notebook
  4. All-In-One PC
  5. Commercial Desktop
  6. Consumer Desktop
  7. Mini PC, Vivo PC
  8. Server
  9. VGA

* Please note that the availability of the Premium Care product lines may vary by country.


What does ASUS Premium Care cover?

  1. ASUS Premium Care only applies to ASUS original hardware built into the ASUS Products, excluding any parts not installed by ASUS, non-ASUS parts replaced by ASUS Service Center, any software, external devices, accessories, peripherals and bundled consumables (including but not limited to the battery of the product, carry bags, support discs, cables and wires or mouse). ASUS is not responsible for the restoration or reinstallation of any data or programs other than software installed by ASUS when the ASUS Product was manufactured.
  2. The battery of the product is regarded as a consumable part. Due to the battery’s life cycle, there may be limited warranty coverage on this part. Battery warranty period remains subject to the standard warranty you received with the ASUS product. ASUS Premium Care doesn't include battery warranty extension unless stated otherwise the certificate or in the purchase document.


How to activate ASUS Premium Care? 

Step 1 : Become an ASUS Member

Go to ASUS Member Site and sign up to become an ASUS member. If you are already an ASUS member, proceed to Step 2.

Step 2 : Register your product

Login to ASUS Member Site and click "Product Registration" on the left column. Please fill in the form with the relevant details of your ASUS Product. If you have already registered your product, proceed to Step 3.

Step 3 : Activate Your Premium Care

Click "Warranty Extension Activation" on the left side menu and follow these instructions:

(1) Select the registered product which you want to activate ASUS Premium Care with.

(2) Key in the Contract Code and Password.

(3) Click Submit to complete the process.


Terms and Conditions:

  1. ASUS Premium Care is designed for ASUS products only.
  2. Please make sure the product type of ASUS Premium Care you bought matches your ASUS product.
  3. One contract code of ASUS Premium Care can only be applied once on one ASUS product.
  4. ASUS Premium Care can only be purchased and activated in the country where you originally purchased your brand-new ASUS product from. ASUS reserves the right to decide if your ASUS Product qualifies for ASUS Premium Care purchases.
  5. International warranty services are limited to the countries where ASUS provides international service. Service options, parts availability, and response time may vary by country.  
  6. Please keep both the (i.) the proof of purchase of your ASUS Product and (ii.) the proof of purchase of the ASUS Premium Care for reference if future service requests are required.
  7. All components or products repaired or replaced by ASUS or ASUS authorized technician will be under warranty for the remaining term of the period of standard warranty but for no less than three months after the service rendered to you in accordance with the ASUS Premium Care.
  8. Before contacting ASUS for repair, please:
  • Back up all your personal data and remove any confidential, proprietary information on the hard drive. ASUS will not be responsible for any loss of your own programs, data or information as indicated above.
  • Retrieve the following information from your ASUS product: operating system version, BIOS version, and notify if you have made any recent hardware or software changes.
  • Ensure you have the following information readily available: your ASUS Product’s model name, serial number, sales invoice/receipt with date of purchase and warranty card. You will be required to provide proof of purchase before any warranty service shall be offered or is scheduled to be performed.


ASUS Premium Care Package Information

*Note: ASUS Premium Care offerings and contents on this page may vary by country and device eligibility.

Warranty Extension

•Subject to the Activation being completed, your Product warranty period will automatically be extended from your Product’s original warranty end date.

• Except for the change to the warranty period, all other terms will remain the same as the ASUS standard warranty.

• This Service Package does not cover software, battery, peripherals, free accessories such as mouse or bag, and customer induced damage.

• This Service Package includes International support. Service is provided following the local standard and service policy. Please refer to the International Warranty and Support section of your warranty card for more information. (International only)


Local Accidental Damage Protection

• This Service Package provides coverage for the following types of accidental damage arising out of normal use: Drops, falls or other collisions, Liquid Damage, Electrical surges, Accidental breakages

• Under this Service Package coverage period, unlimited key parts is allowed to be claimed remedy for every year. For any additional claims made for a repair of key part(s), the labor, shipping and spare parts costs will be borne by the customer. The commencement date for this Service Package will be backdated to the date the ASUS product was purchased.

• The total cumulative costs of repair services provided under this Service Package shall not exceed the Customer purchase price of the Product.

• All components repaired or replaced by an ASUS Service Centre will be under warranty for three months or for the remainder of the warranty period, whichever is applicable.

• In order to make a claim under this Service Package, you will have to provide an explanation of where and when the incident occurred as well as a detailed description of the incident.


HDD Retention

• This Service supports unlimited amount of hard disk drive (“HDD”) and covers the original built-in HDD supplied with Your ASUS product and replacement HDD installed by ASUS authorized technician in accordance with the terms of this service.

• This service allows you to retain the defective HDD and receive a replacement HDD installed by ASUS authorized technician after the failure of the HDD has been confirmed by the ASUS authorized technician. The retained HDD will not be subject to any ongoing support.

Customer responsibilities:

• You are required to mention at the time of requesting on-site service, whether you would like to make use of this HDD Retention service.

• It is your responsibility to keep “physical control” of the defective HDD and ensure that personal, confidential or proprietary data on the defective HDD is destroyed or remains secure.

• It is your responsibility to dispose of the defective HDD according to the locally applicable laws and regulations.

• You or an authorized representative of you is required to sign the HDD Retention document provided by ASUS to acknowledge the retention of the HDD.


Local On-site Service

• This Service Package provides Local On-Site Support for Your Product.

• Prior to on-site service, our technical support agents may request that you assist in troubleshooting the Product. For more detailed information, please refer to the “When contacting ASUS Customer Service” section in the Warranty Card supplied with our Product or visit

• If the problem is not solved remotely, onsite technical support for Your Product will be arranged with an ASUS authorized technician who will be sent to Your location generally by the end of the next business day; response times may vary depending on geographic location, spare parts and local service availability.

• You will be required to provide the ASUS authorized technician with access to Your facilities and ASUS products as well as electricity, internet connection, ASUS Driver CD/DVD (if delivered with the product), and a sufficient and safe working space.

• If the Product fails during normal and proper use within the coverage period of this service package, ASUS will repair or replace the defective parts of the Product, or the Product itself, with new or reconditioned parts or products that are functionally equivalent or superior to those originally supplied.

• If defective parts are replaced under this service, then you agree in advance to transfer the ownership of the replaced defective parts to ASUS.

• In case the ASUS authorized technician finds the Product to be outside of the coverage scope, a charge list will be issued to you and the Service will only be provided against payment. If you choose not to proceed with the repair, you will be billed for any cost already incurred by Asus (including but not limited to sending technician on-site, testing/debugging etc.).


Battery Service Package

• This Service Package is an extension to the period of coverage of the Standard Battery Warranty.

• You are entitled to one battery replacement every year in the event of battery failure during the extended period after your battery’s original base warranty period.

• Except for the change to the battery warranty period, all other terms are the same as the Standard Battery Warranty. Please refer to the Warranty Card supplied with your Product for the Standard Battery Warranty terms.

• This Service Package only covers the original battery supplied with your ASUS Product.

• The replacement battery will be covered under this Service Package for the remaining coverage period but for no less than for 3 months.

• This Service Package covers manufacture defects only and excludes any expected capacity reduction due to usage.


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