Revolutionizing Home Entertainment

    • Compelling pitch perfect audio with SonicMaster
    • Performance speed up to 15%* with Super Hybrid Engine
    • Encompassing a world of home entertainment

      Hear and Feel the Power of SonicMaster

      The ASUS All-in-One PC ET2400XVT features the exclusive SonicMaster Technology for pure audio reproduction. It employs the best codecs to deliver an aural experience with minimum noise distortions and maximum clarity across a broad audio spectrum.

      sonic masterThe ET2400XVT reproduces richer and more distinct vocals at a wider frequency range, while bass enhancement at the lower end of the audio range delivers richer and deeper bass. So whether you’re watching movies or listening to music, it delivers the appropriate aural experience whether you’re watching movies, listening to music or playing games.

      SonicMaster Technology also replicates the experience of listening to a surround sound system and has a volume range that is wider than regular all-in-one PCs.

      Encompassing a World of Home Entertainment

      Enjoy the ultimate Full HD home entertainment experience through the ASUS All-in-One PC ET2400XVT’s 16:9 aspect ratio and 23.6-inch Full HD display. In addition, it can be placed in anywhere thanks to an ASUS certified VESA wall mount, available for ordering separately as an accessory. With HDMI** compatibility and surround sound system; they are designed to lure you into an immersive multimedia world.

      full hd

      Home Entertainment in 3D with the ET2400XVT

      The ASUS All-in-One ET2400XVT takes home entertainment into another dimension, delivering movies and games in Full HD 3D. Everything comes to life in stereoscopic 3D thanks to market-leading NVIDIA® 3D Vision™ technology. A library of over 400 NVIDIA® 3D Vision™-compatible PC games ensure the fun never ends in this virtual gaming world. It also comes with an optical touchscreen** that lets users easily zoom in and out or rotate images, or scroll through webpages with their fingers.

      delivering movies and games in Full HD 3D

      Unprecedented Speed and Performance

      suer hybrid engineThe ASUS All-in-One PC ET2400XVT changes the way you work and play thanks to a host of technologies that deliver unprecedented levels of speed and performance. The ASUS Super Hybrid Engine Technology works in tandem with the latest Intel® processors to enhance system performance by up to 15 percent* with just a press of a button.

      *Actual speeds may vary by configuration and devices used.
      ** Spec may vary b y models.