All On WX470 Mouse

    All On WX470 Mouse

    Multi-use and all-terrain mouse luxury

    - Advanced laser works on most surfaces, including glass
    - Power efficient to extend battery life
    - Convenient window switching with Aero Flip 3D
    - Functions customizable to your needs and habits
    - Extra comfortable grip for prolonged use
    - Compact and light – carry it anywhere

      All On WX470 Mouse

      Multi-use and all-terrain mouse luxury

      Using advanced ASUS laser technology, precision mouse control on almost any surface becomes easy and natural, even on glass. With customizable resolution and function buttons, you can tailor the WX470 to your specific requirements and applications, switching between tabs in Windows® 7 instantly using the Aero Flip 3D button. Plus, the hand feel here is superb, specifically crafted to ensure enduring comfort whether gaming or drafting a critical presentation, made better with a nano receiver and long-lasting battery that extends time between charges.

      Works even on glass!

      Precise cursor control on almost any surface, even glass!

      With advanced ASUS Laser Tracking technology, you get better precision on a wider range of materials, including glass* and high gloss or lacquered surfaces, where standard optical and laser mice dare not go. For the WX470, these are no obstacle.

      *Glass surfaces min 4mm thick

      What is ASUS Laser Tracking Technology?

      ASUS Laser Tracking mice can go virtually anywhere, utilizing LaserStream™ technology, which enables mouse tracking on almost any surface, including glass and lacquered desks that leave optical mice and standard laser mice lacking. This technology detects the smallest details to create a micro road map of the surface, so you get better precision on more materials.

      Longer battery life

      Efficient power saving offers an extended and smarter user experience

      The WX470 works with up to three AAA batteries, but users can place just one or two batteries for a lighter mouse and a better hand feel based on personal preference.

      Plus, enhanced power saving capabilities extend battery life up to an amazing 12 months!*

      *White paper surface, five hours of use per day, five days per week

      Aero Flip 3D Button

      Aero Flip 3D quickly switches Windows® 7 applications

      One simple and easy button press switches between tabs and windows, making web browsing, video watching, and word processing much easier with instant multitasking.

      Tailored to your needs

      Move in all directions with 4-way scrolling, plus select mouse resolution with a click

      Resolution switching between 1100dpi and 1600dpi.
      Tilt wheel 4-way scrolling: easily move pages right to left!

      Comfortable usage

      The compact, ergonomically-designed shape and integrated thumb buttons deliver comfort and control wherever you go

      Wrapped in sweat-resistant rubber coating to keep hands feeling clean and fresh.

      Dual-hand ergonomic build that's perfect for all users

      Easy mobility and carry

      Built-in nano transceiver can stay plugged in when you're on the go, or stowed in the mouse for added style and convenience

      Makes it possible to keep working and enjoying in almost any location!

      ALL ON WX470 MOUSE Details

      1. Back and Forward Button
      2. Tilt wheel 4-way scrolling
      3. DPI & Battery Indicator
      4. Aero Flip 3D Button
      5. Wrapped in sweat-resistant rubber coating
      6. Resolution switching between 1100dpi and 1600dpi
      7. Built-in nano transceiver