Xtion 2

Explore the innovative possibilities with Xtion 2 developer solution
  • Powerful Depth sensing: precise and scalable 640 x 480 depth resolution
  • High RGB resolution: up to 5MP (2592 x 1944) image resolution
  • Energy-efficient: low power consumption through USB 3.0
  • Compact dimensions: measures just 110 by 35 by 35mm
  • Developer-friendly: compatible with OpenNI and supports multiple OS systems
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Incredible depth and RGB resolution for better potential development

Xtion 2 features the precise 640 x 480@30fps depth image, so the developers can have better performance on depth sensing for their application development. The upgraded 5M RGB which can provide the developer better quality and sharper image.

Compact and low-power design for more flexible operation

The smaller size with dimensions measuring just 110 x 35 x 35mm could allow Xtion 2 more suitable for imbedded in different place. Without extra power supply, Xtion 2 uses only USB 3.0 as power consumption. For the developer, more energy saving is better.

Developer friendly for multiple OS support and compatible with OpenNI

Xtion 2 provides more flexible OS choices which includes win 8 /win 10, Linux, and Android(by request) for developer to progress applications. Also, Xtion 2 is compatible with OpenNI2.2 which makes the developer easier to develop their applications.

Especially designed for developers to create various applications

The Xtion 2 development solution allows developers to apply the precise depth sensing in various applications and industries to stand out from the competition. There are various fields that could benefit from 3D sensing-based technology, such as retail, education, medical, entertainment and more.

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