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Transforming global workflows through ASUS Mini PC


  • LOCATION: London, United Kingdom
  • 7 Academy Awards, 7 BAFTA Awards and 19 Visual Effects Society Awards
DNEG-artist-working-on-mini-PC-and-multiple-screens Will Lucas - Head-of-Technical-Operations-DNEG

Will Lucas – Head of Technical Operations, DNEG

At the forefront of innovation

Founded in 1998, DNEG is one of the world's leading visual effects and animation studios for feature film and television. Initially founded as a small team in London, DNEG has grown into a global powerhouse with multiple facilities across multiple continents. The company's success comes from its commitment to excellence and its ability to embrace cutting-edge technology, creative talent, and a deep understanding of storytelling. After 25 years of industry experience, DNEG has produced some of the world's most high profile titles including films such as Dune, Inception, Blade Runner 2049, Interstellar and series such as Stranger Things, Foundation and The Last of Us. DNEG’s work has been honored with 7 Academy Awards, 7 BAFTA Awards and many Visual Effects Society Awards for best VFX in recent years.

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Having offices around the world, DNEG requires a seamless integration of visual effects into the overall filmmaking process. With over 11,500 staff employed globally, DNEG needs a workflow that enables its artists to truly work from anywhere and anytime. Previously, DNEG had physical workstations that followed the artist around; an artist would sit in front of a desk and their workstation would sit underneath that desk. Will Lucas, the Head of Technical Operations at DNEG, comments on how this workflow was not fully empowering their artists’ workflows. “While that obviously had its benefits, it was quite a clunky way of working because it meant that you didn't really have much flexibility in the way that artists worked on their physical location.”


minipc minipc

Fully customizable mini PCs for artists across the globe

The ASUS Mini PCs are powered by the AMD Ryzen™ 5000 series processor which provides a smooth and powerful multitasking experience. DNEG is also able to connect up to four 4K displays into their workflows. This has made its artists’ experience easier and more enjoyable than before. As a result, DNEG was able to streamline their workflows even in more demanding workloads.

“I can have a Mini PC maybe at home, maybe in the office, maybe on set. And I still get to hit the main computing power, wherever that is,” says Kieran Divine, the Applied Technology Lead for Virtual Production at DNEG.

Powered by AMD Ryzen™ processor

DNEG replaced its physical workstations with ultracompact ASUS Mini PC PN series. With these palm-sized yet powerful computers, artists had more flexibility in their workflows. Hence, an artist in one location could access a virtual machine via the Mini PC into another location. Thanks to the ASUS Mini PC, DNEG can now create any kind of hardware configuration based on their needs and requirements within their virtualized environment.

“Having ASUS Mini PC means an artist in London can remote into a virtual machine via the PC into Vancouver, Montreal or Europe. It’s probably one of the key parts that make us so flexible in our virtualized environment now.” – comments Will Lucas, Head of Technical Operations at DNEG

The outcome

ASUS Mini PCs enable DNEG to remain innovative and on the cutting edge of technology. As Will Lucas points out, DNEG needs to be able to look forward to the future and plan what products are needed to stay competitive. Knowing that both ASUS and AMD were working on this development was an integral part of DNEG’s decision to proceed with the ASUS Mini PCs.

“Working with ASUS has been an absolute dream. Being able to approach someone very quickly and very easily on multiple different channels and have honest and open conversations about our needs has been absolutely vital for the way that we've used the ASUS Mini PCs at DNEG,” concludes Lucas.

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