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The Norwegian Film School stands as a prominent institution at the forefront of cultivating cinematic talent in Norway. Let's see how they use the ASUS ProArt equipment to empower students in the virtual production.
Norwegian Film School

Revolutionizing Filmmaking: Wuxi's Virtual Production Leap with ASUS Workstations

Médias & Divertissement
Customer: Glassbox Technologies Transforming entertainment, the ASUS Pro WS WRX90E-SAGE SE and Pro WS TRX50-SAGE WIFI motherboards redefine visuals. Achieving an impressive 50 FPS on a 16K display, they epitomize technological excellence in virtual production and filmmaking.
Glassbox Technologies

The technology used by the budding engineers at NYU Tandon School of Engineering

NYU Tandon School of Engineering is constantly at the forefront of innovation. Let's see how they use the ASUS ProArt equipment to empower students in the Integrated Design and Media program.
NYU Tandon School of Engineering

Unleashing The Next AAA Games

After installing the ASUS ProArt equipment, the games department is now able to have a full workflow with industry leading color accuracy and computing power starting from Visual Arts all the way to developing their games.
Breda University, GAMEducation - #3 best video game school worldwide (2023) Keuzegids - Top rated programme (2023)

ASUS Mini PCs Empowering Medical Innovation: A Case Study with Meden-Inmed

Petites & moyennes entreprises
Compact and powerful ASUS Mini PCs have been successfully deployed across a wide range of commercial and industrial fields. One such notable case is Meden-Inmed, a Polish firm that’s a major manufacturer and distributor of medical equipment.

Transforming global workflows through ASUS Mini PC

Petites & moyennes entreprises
Founded in 1998, DNEG is one of the world's leading visual effects and animation studios for feature film and television. Initially founded as a small team in London, DNEG has grown into a global powerhouse with multiple facilities across multiple continents. The company's success comes from its commitment to excellence and its ability to embrace cutting-edge technology, creative talent, and a deep understanding of storytelling. After 25 years of industry experience, DNEG has produced some of the world's most high profile titles including films such as Dune, Inception, Blade Runner 2049, Interstellar and series such as Stranger Things, Foundation and The Last of Us. DNEG’s work has been honored with 7 Academy Awards, 7 BAFTA Awards and many Visual Effects Society Awards for best VFX in recent years.
Transforming global workflows through ASUS Mini PC


Petites & moyennes entreprises
Digital signage has the power to transform the way people shop and the way companies sell products — through understanding customer interests and providing more interactive, high-impact experiences tailored to those interests.

SAG moves to the cloud with Chrome OS devices for Switzerland contact centers

Petites & moyennes entreprises
Editor’s note: Today’s post is by Marc Fischer, Head of IT Services, Switzerland, of Swiss Automotive Group (SAG), one of the largest suppliers of automotive spare parts in Europe. SAG, based in Cham, Switzerland, serves customers in 10 European countries through over 200 branches. SAG has equipped 450 Swiss employees with Chrome OS devices.

Technology enhancing the performance of unreal engine

With the ASUS ProArt displays and workstation, SkyUp has managed to not only enhance its performance with Unreal Engine, but also keep the quality consistent when it comes to their final product.
SkyUp Academy

ASUS AiMesh Networking Solution elevate school network coverage to the next level

SMJK Yok Bin (Secondary School) established in year 1947 (history of 75 years)

Cutting-edge tools for architectural visualization

Using industry-standard equipment, the school can now create more complex scenes, with more details and with greater realism. Having the ASUS monitors and workstation, the school can power the real time engines that can push their visualizations to the next level.

Technology behind the practical craft of filmmaking

With the right industry-standard technology, the school can now teach its students what are the qualities that the industry is looking for and what is the standard that they should be looking to reach once they graduate.
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