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How to Save Battery When Using an ASUS Laptop

Jul 27, 2023

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Jul 27, 2023

Tired of your laptop running out of juice at the most inconvenient moments? We've all been there. Below are some tips and tricks to help you get the most out of the battery of your trusty ASUS laptop.

Watch the video below, then continue reading for more details and additional tips.

Activate Battery Saver Mode

Windows 11 has your back with Battery Saver mode. This handy feature automatically optimizes various settings to stretch how long your battery lasts on a single charge. Simply left-click the battery icon on the right side of your taskbar, look for the Battery Saver icon, and toggle it on. It's a simple yet effective way to conserve power. Just keep in mind that performance might take a slight hit, but if you're on the move and need to get work done, it's totally worth it.

Customize Power Settings

You can also take control of your power settings to boost the battery performance of your ASUS laptop.

Right-click the battery icon on the taskbar and select "Power and sleep settings." Windows 11 offers energy recommendations to help you optimize your laptop's performance.

Start by adjusting the "Screen and sleep" settings to determine how quickly your screen dims when idle. Then, explore the "Power mode" drop-down menu and select "Best power efficiency", if available. Don't forget to explore other power-saving options and information in the "Power & battery" menu as well.

One more useful setting is "Video playback", which you can access via the "Apps" menu in Windows 11 settings. Once there, find the "Battery options" section, and switch to "Optimize for battery life".

Adjust Screen Brightness

Lowering your screen brightness can do wonders for long-lasting battery. Click on the battery icon in the taskbar and adjust the brightness slider to find the right balance. If your ASUS laptop has dedicated function keys (f4 and f5), you can use them to control brightness, too. Find a comfortable brightness level that doesn't strain your eyes.

Embrace Dark Mode

The brighter the screen contents, the more battery drained. So, why not go dark? Windows 11 and many apps offer a Dark mode option. To engage it in Windows, head over to the "Personalization" menu in Settings and choose "Dark" from the drop-down menu. You can also check if your favorite apps have their own Dark mode settings.

Unplug Unused Peripherals

Peripherals are great, but unfortunately, they draw power from your laptop. When you're trying to save battery, it's best to unplug those. Your ASUS laptop comes with a fantastic ErgoSense keyboard and a smooth touchpad, so you may be able to ditch external peripherals and minimize battery drain. If do you need to use a peripheral such as an external hard drive, don't forget to unplug it once you're done using it.

Take Charge of Your Apps

Some apps can drain your battery faster than you may think. You can save battery charge by checking to see which apps are the biggest drain and turning them off when not in use.

Open the "Power & battery" menu in Windows 11 settings and check out the "Battery usage" list. Identify the most power-hungry apps and click the three dots next to their icons. From there, you can manage their background activity, restrict location access, and set them to "Power optimized" or "Never" in the "Let this app run in the background" setting.

Consider replacing battery-draining apps with more energy-friendly alternatives. Your battery will appreciate the switch!

Go Offline

Internet connection is an energy drainer. When you're using your ASUS laptop on battery, consider disconnecting from the web when you can. It's as simple as enabling Airplane mode. Click on the WiFi icon in the taskbar and toggle the Airplane mode switch.

Display & Graphics Settings: Advanced Mode

Ready to take your battery-saving game to the next level? Let's delve into display and graphics settings.

Head to the System tab in Windows 11 Settings, find the Display settings, and locate "Advanced display." If your laptop boasts a high refresh rate, like 120 Hz, toning it down to 60 Hz can save battery power while still providing a pleasant viewing experience.

If your ASUS laptop packs a powerful discrete graphics card (which use significant power), you can also optimize its usage. Find the graphics setting in the Display settings menu, select which GPU each app should use (all laptops with discrete GPUs also have an integrated one, which is more energy-efficient), or let Windows decide. Do keep in mind that not all Windows 11 laptops with dedicated GPUs may have this feature.

Manage CPU Cores (for ROG and TUF Gaming Users)

Attention all gamers with ROG and TUF Gaming laptops! This one's for you. Did you know you can manually control which CPU cores — performance or efficiency — your laptop uses? Simply fire up the Armoury Crate application and fine-tune your CPU cores for optimal performance. Check out the article from ROG on managing CPU cores for more details.

Check Your Battery Health

All laptop batteries degrade over time. If you've tried all the tricks in this article and your battery still doesn’t seem to last, it might be showing signs of old age.

To check your battery health, open the MyASUS app (available for all ASUS laptops), click "Customer Support," and select the "Battery problems" icon. Plug in your power adapter, click "Checkup," and let the app analyze your battery health. The detailed report will be displayed in the "Result" section. If any issues are found, don't hesitate to reach out to ASUS customer service via the MyASUS app to get help with swapping the battery to a new one.

Choose Your Laptop Wisely

Not all laptops are created equal when it comes to battery performance. If long-lasting power is a top priority for you, check out ASUS laptops designed for ultraportability. They offer powerful batteries to keep you going while on the move. Click the button below to take a look at the incredible range of thin and light ASUS laptops!

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