ProArt Display PA24US

ASUS ProArt Display PA24US Professional Monitor – 24-inch (23.6-inch viewable), IPS, 4K UHD (3840 x 2160), Built-in Motorized Colorimeter, Self / Auto Calibration, HDR-10, HLG, 99% Adobe RGB, 95% DCI-P3, ΔE < 1, 12G-SDI, USB-C PD 80W, VESA DisplayHDR 600, Hardware Calibration, Calman Ready, ColourSpace Integration, Ergonomic Stand, Green Sustainability
  • 23.6-inch 4K (3840 x 2160) high-quality panel with 600 nits peak brightness, HDR-10, HLG support
  • Built-in colorimeter supports Self / Auto calibration, as well as Calman and Light Illusion ColourSpace CMS professional hardware calibration software
  • True 10-bit color depth, 99% Adobe RGB, 95% DCI-P3 wide color gamut
  • 12G-SDI supports 4K@60Hz real-time playback without any compression
  • Extensive connectivity including 12G-SDI input, full function USB-C with 80W Power Delivery, DisplayPort, HDMI, USB hub for the most flexibility
  • Ergonomic design with tilt, swivel, pivot and height adjustments for a comfortable viewing experience
  • Green Sustainability: paper packaging and energy-efficient environmental standards
ProArt Display PA24US
ProArt Display PA24US-front view with colorimeter
ProArt Display PA24US

On-set SDI Monitor

ProArt Display PA24US is 23.6-inch 4K HDR monitor offers 187 high PPI IPS panel with 99% Adobe RGB and 95% DCI-P3 coverage to deliver highly accurate colors that bring out the finest details in your creations. 12G-SDI input can receive video signals up to 4K@60Hz and up to quad-view at same time. A built-in motorized flip colorimeter for auto / self calibration to ensure professional-grade color accuracy. 600 nits peak brightness with multiple HDR format support provides creators with the ideal platform for working HDR content.

23.6-inch, 3840 x 2160
High PPI
178° Wide-view
Color Depth
Adobe RGB
600 nits
Peak Brightness
VESA DisplayHDR 600 icon
Self / Auto Calibration
Built-in Motorized Flip Colorimeter
Built-in motorized flip colorimeter
12G SDI icon
12G-SDI Input
Calman Ready icon Light Illusion icon
Seamless Calibration
Ergonomic Stand
Swivel, Tilt, Pivot, Height Adjustment
Comprehensive Connectivity
12G-SDI, Full-function USB-C®, HDMI®, DisplayPort™ and USB Hub

Empowering Content Creators

ProArt Display on DIT Cart

Digital Imaging Technician (DIT)

Needs a hi-quality SDI monitor for on-set quick color grading and managing production workflow. It can provide precise and true color reproduction and details from camera and present to director/customers.

A creator working on ProArt Display


12G-SDI input connection let creators who using SDI PCIe capture cards or capture boxes can be directly connect to the PA24US via SDI instead of HDMI, delivers 4K high quality uncompressed videos to preview precise image performance.

Two colorists discussing the color reproduction of ProArt Display

Filmmakers & Video Editors

An ultra-high-resolution with wide-color-gamut monitor performance is a must-have tool for 4K HDR video production. Factory pre-calibration ensures industry-leading color fidelity, and a wide color gamut and Delta E < 1 color difference ensures outstanding color accuracy.

Impeccable 4K HDR Imagery On-set

Uncompressed 4K Video

IPS 178° Wide View Angle

A brighter, Lifelike Viewing Experience

ProArt Display showing a high resolution image on-set.

Uncompressed 4K Video

23.6-inch with 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) panel delivers four times the pixel density and three times more onscreen space than similarly sized FHD displays, resulting in sharper visuals with greater levels of detail.

ProArt Display PA24US features 12G-SDI connection, allows receiving and transmitting uncompressed up to 4K@60Hz video footage directly from camera devices with ultra-low latency.

12G-SDI icon

ProArt Display delivers realistic visuals.

Lifelike Views With 178° Wide View Angle

Frameless IPS panel provides 178° viewing angles, both horizontally and vertically, so you can enjoy its beautiful visuals from almost any direction.

ProArt Display shows high contrast image.

High Dynamic Range

ProArt Display PA24US features up to 600 nits of brightness, also passed VESA DisplayHDR 600 certification. Multiple HDR format supports HDR-10 / HLG high dynamic range technology for brighter whites and darker blacks, resulting in a rich and lifelike viewing experience.

VESA DisplayHDR 600 icon

Intuitive and Intelligent Calibration

Self Calibration

ProArt Calibration

ProArt Color Center

Seamless Calibration

To demonstrate embedded colorimeter move into place

Self Calibration

ProArt Displays now boasts an innovative self-calibration feature for the embedded colorimeter. The self-calibration is a standalone solution without any software and compatible with any operating system. You can directly complete the color calibration and scheduled color calibration functions through the OSD operation of ProArt Display. With this flexibility, you can achieve color consistency anytime and anywhere.

>> Learn More About Self Calibration

Save color parameter profiles on ProArt Display internal scaler IC chip.

Color parameter profiles

ProArt Calibration

ASUS ProArt Calibration technology saves all color parameter profiles on the ProArt monitor’s internal scaler IC chip, instead of on the PC. The monitor can be calibrated and the look-up table subsequently rewritten, allowing users to connect it to devices with different operating systems or applications without needing to adjust settings.

*ProArt Calibration support will be ready on 2023/Q4 via firmware update.

To demonstrate ProArt Colore Center how to remote control ProArt Displays

ProArt Color Center

ProArt Color Center offers remote group control and calibration tools, allowing you to handle these vital tasks from a centralized location. You’ll be able to remote control & group calibration, scheduled calibration and customized color parameters to maintain professional-level accuracy and consistency all the time.

>> Learn More About ProArt Color Center

*ProArt Color Center support will be ready on 2023/Q4 via firmware update.

Seamless Calibration

ProArt Displays are compatible with most major calibrators, including those from X-Rite, Datacolor and Klein. They also work seamlessly with Calman and Light Illusion ColourSpace CMS professional hardware calibration software.

*Calman Ready and Light Illusion ColourSpace CMS support will be ready on 2023/Q4 via firmware update.

Calman Ready icon Light Illusion icon
ProArt display is compatible with most major calibrators and seamless compatible with Calman and Light Illusion ColourSpace CMS

Enjoy true-to-life color

PA24US exceeds industry color reproduction standards with its 99% Adobe RGB and 95% DCI-P3 color gamut, and it features true 10-bit color depth to display more than 1.07 billion colors. 600 nits peak brightness to ensure the deepest blacks and brightest whites, enabling PA24US to accurately display the most minute details in shadows and bright highlights for incredibly realistic visuals.


Adobe RGB




Color Depth

A creator grading colors on ProArt Display

Class-Leading Color Fidelity

Each ProArt display is factory pre-calibrated using a new, three-scale process to guarantee industry-leading color fidelity. The display then undergoes stringent testing using ASUS advanced grayscale tracking technology to ensure smoother color gradations, better uniformity and high color accuracy with a Delta E < 1 color difference value. Each grayscale level is also carefully measured and set to ensure compliance with the precise DICOM standard for medical use.

ΔE < 1

Color Accuracy

ProArt Display showing a colorful image.

Create in Ultra-Vivid HDR

ASUS Smart HDR Technology

Multiple PQ Curves

HDR Preview

Two creators grading colors with Davinci Resolve on ProArt Display.

ASUS Smart HDR Technology

Exclusive ASUS Smart HDR technology enables ProArt Display PA24US to support multiple HDR formats, including HLG and HDR10.

HLG allows users to view and create material for broadcast and satellite TV platforms such as BBC iPlayer, Japan NHK TV, and DirecTV.

HDR10 support ensures compatibility with existing streaming video services and a growing list of HDR-enabled games.

Multiple PQ Curves

ASUS ProArt Displays support multiple HDR10 curves, including PQ Hard Clip, PQ Optimized and PQ Basic, which can cover all content creation needs.

ProArt Display supports PQ Hard Clip.

PQ Hard Clip

This setting preserves the PQ curve until it displays maximum luminance. Anything brighter will be mapped to the maximum luminance of the display.

ProArt Display supports PQ Optimized.

PQ Optimized

This PQ curve setting reproduces accurate gradations that correspond to the maximum brightness of the monitor to deliver optimized HDR performance.

ProArt Display supports PQ Basic.

PQ Basic

Present general HDR performance.

ProArt Display features an HDR Preview for a better editing experience.

HDR Preview

HDR Preview enables a direct camera-to-monitor connection to view captured HDR content with its full tonal range. It also works within most video editing software platforms, providing accurate simulations of the final output for an easier, more streamlined editing experience.

*Raw data/camera imagery must support HDR mode and follow PQ curve.

Streamlined, Efficient Workflows

12G-SDI Connectivity

Connect to Your Workflow

Diverse Viewing Options

Caring for Your Eyes

Ergonomic Design

12G-SDI Connectivity

SDI (Serial digital interface) is a professional video signal that’s preferred in production environments, providing longer distance without video compression with reliability. BNC-type cable that has specialized connectors on each end to lock into the devices they connect to, so it cannot be easily dropped or pulled out.

Compare with general 3G-SDI, 12G-SDI provides up to 4x bandwidth allows receiving and transmitting uncompressed up to 4K@60Hz video footage directly from camera devices with ultra-low latency.

To demonstrate Flicker free and low blue light with TÜV Rheinland-certified

Connect to your workflow

Rich connectivity offers a full-function USB-C port enables superfast data transfers, video signal and 80-watt power delivery to charge laptops and other devices―all via a single cable. DisplayPort1.4 and two HDMI(v2.0) for compatibility with current and future displays and peripherals. It also features an earphone jack and USB 3.2 hub.

The rear I/O ports of ProArt Display
The rear I/O ports of ProArt Display
To demonstrate PiP/PbP mode

Picture-by-Picture (PbP)

View two to four different settings simultaneously by placing multiple input sources onscreen side-by-side; and configure each individual window's color settings with sRGB, Adobe RGB, DCI-P3, Rec. 2020, User Mode 1 or User Mode 2.

Picture-in-Picture (PiP)

Easily place your second input source in a window in one corner of the display.

ASUS Flicker-Free technology

It's time to say goodbye to those tired, strained eyes. ProArt Displays features TÜV Rheinland-certified ASUS Flicker-Free technology to reduce flicker and minimize instances of eyestrain and other damaging ailments for a comfortable viewing experience.

Blue Light Filter

The TÜV Rheinland-certified ASUS Blue Light Filter protects you from harmful blue light, and you can easily access via a hotkey. ProArt displays has undergone stringent performance tests and has been certified by TÜV Rheinland laboratories, a global provider of technical, safety, and certification services, to be flicker-free and to emit low blue light levels.

To demonstrate Flicker free and low blue light with TÜV Rheinland-certified

Ergonomic Design

A comfortable viewing position is always easy to achieve with ASUS ProArt Display. With an ergonomically-designed quick release stand with tilt, swivel, pivot and height adjustments provide comfortable viewing and usage experiences. Furthermore, the VESA wall-mountable to save on desktop space.

ProArt Display offers height adjustment.

Height Adjustment
0~130 mm

ProArt Display offers tilt adjustment.


ProArt Display offers pivot adjustment.


ProArt Display offers swivel adjustment.


Accurate Real-time On-set Preview

QuickFit Plus is clever feature overlays a grid on the screen that allows to align and preview.
Center marker and safety area it can real-time preview when you are on-set shooting to avoid video image beyond the screen.
Ruler provides actual size of inch ruler in the edge; you also can customize the working size to fit your preference.

Central Marker

Safety Area



To demonstrate Central Marker on the display screen
To demonstrate Safety Area on the display screen
To demonstrate Ruler on the display screen
To demonstrate Customization on the display screen

Environmental Certification*

ASUS monitors are stringently tested to meet the requirements of world-leading sustainability certifications. These tests include a comprehensive database of up-to-date criteria, independent verification, and a structured system for continuous improvement.

Energy Star icon
  • recycle icon

    Eco-friendly Packaging

    The latest ASUS monitor packaging are made of 100% recyclable paper packaging. ASUS has designed the packaging to minimize weight and volume, which helps conserve natural resources and allows more devices to be transported in a single shipping container.

  • energy-saving icon

    Energy-Efficient Features

    Select ASUS monitors have a power-saving Eco-mode, and achieve zero-watt power consumption with hard-switch off.

  • green icon

    Eco-friendly Materials

    Extensive research and development ensure ASUS monitors are made from eco-friendly materials like post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastics or components like mercury-free panels.

Free 3 Months of Adobe Creative Cloud

Get complimentary membership with the purchase of selected ASUS products.* (Up to a $238.47 value)

Showing different Adobe software interfaces.

20+ Adobe apps

Industry-leading apps including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Spark and XD.

Adobe Fonts

Access thousands of fonts right within your Creative Cloud apps.


Find inspiration in the world’s largest creative community.

Creative Cloud Libraries

Your team can share assets across their apps and devices, so everyone’s in sync.

1TB of cloud storage per user

Extra storage makes it easier for your team to share and manage creative assets.

* Terms and conditions apply. For more details, please read the full terms and published on the event page.

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