ASUS recommends Windows 10 Pro.



    Keep Cool All Day

  • Ice Cool Palm rest for comfortable computing
  • Discrete Graphics with NVIDIA GeForce GT320M+1GB DDR3 VRAM for better images when enjoying movies and videos
  • Audio Visual Entertainment with SRS, Altec Lansing Speakers, 16:9 HD LED panel and Supports HDMI
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      IceCool Palm Rest

      By virtue of innovative structural design, the ASUS K50ID features the IceCool Palm Rest which cleverly positions heat-producing components away from the palm rest. This ensures the maximum computing comfort, even after prolonged hours.

      True-to-life Graphics

      Not only stylish, the ASUS K50ID is also a capable entertainer while on-the-move. It features a dedicated NVIDIA GeForce GT320 graphics card for true-to-life graphics for games, videos and movies.

      Crystal Clear Sound

      A gorgeous 15-inch high definition LED display with a 16:9 aspect ratio adorns the ASUS K50ID for crisper visuals and brightness. Complementing this visual spectacle is SRS Premium Sound and Altec Lansing speakers, providing rich audio quality to match the moving pictures. Finally, with HDMI support, hooking up with other HDMI-capable consumer products, such as consoles and entertainment systems is simply effortless.

      Chocolate Keyboard

      The ASUS K50ID features an ergonomically designed Chocolate keyboard, one which has concave key-caps that conform perfectly to the fingers. Positioned to the right of the keyboard is a full numeric keypad for effortless number input