ASUS Carbon Partner Services

Our approach to product carbon neutrality

Carbon neutrality is achieving a balance between the emission released throughout the product life cycle and the removal of CO2 from carbon credit. We strive to reduce our product carbon footprint at first, then offset the residual emission by high-quality carbon credit.
Benefit of ASUS Carbon Partner Services - Eco-friendly materials
Eco-friendly materials
We use eco-friendly materials such as PIR, PCR materials, recycled paper and FSCTM-certified wood pulp.
Benefit of ASUS Carbon Partner Services - Manufacturing
We drive key suppliers in our supply chain to the use of renewable and low-carbon processes.[1]
Benefit of ASUS Carbon Partner Services - Packaging and transportation
Packaging and transportation
We design our packaging materials to minimize volume and enhance transportation efficiency.
Benefit of ASUS Carbon Partner Services - Usage
Our engineers endeavor to create products that surpass ENERGY STAR® standards for enhanced energy efficiency.
Benefit of ASUS Carbon Partner Services - Disposal
We have established take-back services and authorized recycling partners to minimize landfill wastes.

ASUS Carbon Partner Services

As an end-to-end partner, ASUS enables you to reduce your carbon footprint by providing transparent, verified and high-quality carbon-credits sources. Our flexible and precise options ensure carbon-offset services to meet or exceed any expectation.

End-to-end deliver

The end-to-end delivery of our services allows you to offset your carbon footprint, quickly, easily and with confidence in the intended outcome.

Explore ASUS low-carbon products

ASUS strives to be a world-class leader in green technology. ExpertBook B9 OLED and ExpertCenter D9 series are built with sustainability in mind and are among the first raft of products offered with ASUS Carbon Partner Services, ready to help you reduce your environmental impact.

ASUS ExpertBook B9 OLED (B9403)

ASUS ExpertBook B9 OLED incorporates both sustainable design and manufacturing techniques, to achieve a circular future and minimize waste to reduce environmental impact. It has been registered as EPEAT Gold with EPEAT Climate+ [2] and employs a patented Thixomolding process to reduces production materials by up to 29% and manufacturing time by up to 75%.[3]

ASUS ExpertCenter D9 Series

Committed to creating a sustainable future, ASUS ensures all its products are designed to be eco-friendly and exceed environmental standards at all stages of their product life cycles. ENERGY STAR 8.0-certified and registered as EPEAT Silver with Climate+ [4], ExpertCenter D9 series is engineered for energy efficiency to help reduce long-term running costs.


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*This Service coverage may vary depending on country and territory. Please contact us for further information.
[1].    The use of renewable energy and low-carbon processes may differ by model. Please contact us for further information.
[2].    ASUS B9403 is registered as EPEAT Gold and has achieved EPEAT Climate+. See for registration status and tier levels by country.
[3].    Actual results may vary depending on model and manufacturing processes.
[4].    ASUS D900SDRES and D900MDRES are registered as EPEAT Silver and have achieved EPEAT Climate+. See for registration status and tier levels by country.