Easy configuration

Efficient and secure BIOS customization and deployment

ASUS pre-configuration services can customize BIOS settings, partition hard drives, and install third-part software to the PCs. The PCs are tailored to an organization’s needs before shipment, so they’re delivered onsite pre-configured, minimizing the need for IT admin.
Benefit of ASUS pre-configuration services -Easily to customize
Easily to customize
Develop settings and configurations to meet specific needs.
Benefit of ASUS pre-configuration services -Enhanced security
Enhanced security
Restrict modification of BIOS settings to authorized administrators only, with added security measures.
Benefit of ASUS pre-configuration services -Efficient deployment
Efficient deployment
Easily create a single ‘golden’ sample that can be deployed across the entire company.

Optimized BIOS customization and deployment tools

ASUS Configuration Tool and ASUS Device Firmware Configuration Interface (DFCI) enable IT admins to realize zero-touch pre-configuration deployment. Plus, IT admins can easily modify BIOS settings, optimize device performance and meet specific requirements with ease.

ASUS Configuration Tool

A powerful solution for enhancing BIOS customization capabilities on multiple devices and upgraded integrations with third-party UEM solution providers.
•    Easily modify BIOS settings, including changing BIOS boot logo
•    Configure all managed devices at once
•    Prevent unapproved access to BIOS settings

ASUS Device Firmware Configuration Interface (DFCI)

Seamlessly configure BIOS settings prior to shipment and gain complete control over device status through the Microsoft Mobile Device Management/Intune dashboard.
•    Ensures robust security in a zero-touch remote environment by Windows Autopilot
•    Accelerates workflows with Autopilot and Microsoft MDM/Intune to preload custom images, fine-tune BIOS settings
•    Remotely configure firmware settings across devices


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