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The ASUS ZenScreen OLED MQ16AH is a beautiful portable display. The visual quality is fantastic and only affected by the 1080P resolution. The Smart Case with its many possible deployment is quite convenient and useful. Proximity sensor is useful too. And dual display productivity is awesome.
[Suitable] for all those who need more screen space, but don't have room for a "full" monitor. for a "full" monitor - as well as for those who like to those who want to work more efficiently on the on the go, or have jobs where you need to use more complicated software.
The picture on the OLED screen is undeniably very good
#Ces 2023: Asus launched ROG Swift OLED PG27AQDM: OLED Gaming screen with integrated radiator
This ZenScreen OLED from ASUS has completely enraptured us. We didn't think we needed a third monitor for work and play but the quality, ease of use and versatility of this ASUS made us think again. Of course, so much quality comes at a cost, of about 500€. While this price may equal if not exceed classic PC monitors, having such quality and portable to boot is no small advantage. It all depends on your usage needs
Asus Zenscreen OLED MQ16h is an interesting option that has a number of important advantages. First of all, it is a bright and high-quality OLED matrix with a diagonal 15.6 inches and a small pixel response time. Also, given the model of use, the undoubted plus is a thin, lightweight and compact metal body, so that the monitor can be easily carried with you with a laptop.