ASUS recommends Windows 10 Pro for business.



    Encircling Beauty and Performance

    • Classic spin-line finish
    • Up to Intel® Core™ i7 processor
    • True instant on 2-sec resume from sleep mode
    • Stylish


      With stylish Black and Red theme and sophisticated looks

      Designed for superior gaming and multimedia usage for smart and practical users, the ASUS R510JX notebook redefines your expectations of all-rounder notebook. With a stylish Black and Red theme, the R510JX's design perfectly complements the the powerful hardware under the hood. Its slim profile is 5% thinner than the previous Generation notebooks, and still houses to a large touchpad with intuitive multi-point Smart Gesture input, a reinforced seamless one piece keyboard and IceCool technology to keep your palm rests cool.

    • Lifelike colors with ASUS Splendid Technology

      Exclusive Splendid technology delivers vibrant visuals to satisfy the most demanding viewing standards. It finetunes display properties based on application, adjusting color gamut and accuracy. The results are more vibrant colors and pristine image quality in all applications, from movies to photos. With a simple shortcut (fn+C), you can turn on Splendid technology and choose the most suitable pre-set based on personal preference and environment or you can also manually adjust the color temperature as per your needs.

      • Normal Eye Care Vivid Manual
    • splendid
    • High


      Gaming Grade Hardware

      ASUS R510JX is powered by Quad core Intel® Core™ i7 4720HQ processors which perform twice as better in multicore usage scenario and have a 20 percent better single core performance when compared to the 5th generation Intel® Core™ i7 5500U processors that are commonly available in the market. On the graphics front the R510JX sports the Nvidia GTX 950m graphics card based on Nvidia's latest Maxwell architecture that delivers smooth, responsive performance. The Nvidia GTX 950M's features include Nvidia BatteryBoost Technology, Nvidia OptimusTM Technology, Nvidia GPU BoostTM 2.0, Geforce ExperienceTM and GameStreamTM.

    • Productivity and entertainment

      ASUS R510JX can handle modern games and high end multimedia content with ease without slowing down, resulting in very rewarding experience, all within a stylish & slim form factor. It delivers gaming grade performance owing to its High end hardware along with the power of Windows 10. It offers an incredible proposition to the india consumers who wants a powerful laptop at an attractive price. The R510JX offers incredible performance and style in its segment like none other.

    • A notebook with smartphone-like accessibility

      Exclusive ASUS Super Hybrid Engine II technology brings notebooks smartphone-like responsive performance, with near-instant resume even from prolonged standby. This Instant on 2-second resume means so long notebook reboot frustration, and get back into fun and productivity delay-free. ASUS Super Hybrid Engine II technology also optimizes battery life with various power modes to suit the task at hand. With instant on functionality enabled, ASUS notebooks can remain in standby mode for an incredible two weeks! There is no worry about data loss while in standby mode as data automatically gets backed up when the battery drops to 5% charge. Files and tasks are kept safe in memory, waiting for you when you get back.

    • Ultra-fast data transfers

      USB 3.0 is ten times faster than USB 2.0 and with two ports* at your disposal; you can save photos, transfer music and open multi-gigabyte video files in a fraction of the time with compatible storage. Say goodbye to long waiting times- transferring a 25GB Blu-ray-quality movie now takes a mere 70 seconds.

    • performance
    • InstantOn
    • FastFileTransfer
    • Incredible


      Immersive acoustic experience with Asus SonicMaster and Audiowizard powered by ICEpower Technology

      On most notebooks, all sound frequencies originate from small onboard speakers. The resulting audio comes from a single source and lacks distinctiveness. Like other notebooks in the ASUS range, the R510JX comes equipped with SonicMaster technology and ASUS AudioWizard powered by ICEpower Technology from Bang & Olufsen to bring you high fidelity audio. Experience omnidirectional sound and hear each individual instrument's nuances with the R510JX. With five presets specially configured for the commonly used scenarios you can now experience the audio content to the fullest.

    • Clearer sound and deeper bass

      SonicMaster techonology, development efforts of the ASUS Golden Ear team together with Bang & Olufsen ICEpower, offers a remarkably attractive mobile multimedia package. Our tailored mix of superior hardware and optimized software improve audio quality with easily distinguishable and accurately louder sounds. Bigger speakers and resonance chambers give a smooth, rich and detailed sound that enhance audio experience in different usage scenarios like movies and music. ASUS SonicMaster technology partnered with our AudioWizard, audio tuning software, adds new depth to your entertainment experience.

      • WIDE RANGE
    • Optimized audio with AudioWizard

      AudioWizard is an audio tuning software that ASUS co-developed with professional audio processing company Waves, recipient of a 2011 Technical GRAMMY Award ®. The five selectable modes enhance sound quality to suit different listening environments. Enjoy lifelike sound in music, movies and games, with all modes fine-tuned by the ASUS Golden Ear team. The proprietary interface puts you first, so it's utterly user-friendly, offering quick and direct access to your content. It's so flexible, you can change the sound in seconds.

    • SonicMaster
    • AudioWiazrd
    • Incredible


      Precise input

      The ASUS Golden Finger team puts natural interfaces first, developing standards far beyond industry average. This assures ASUS provides the most comfortable and responsive experiences in every application and at all times. The X Series has a large touchpad equipped with Smart Gesture technology for quick and precise response across a wide range of touch inputs. The ergonomic seamless one-piece keyboard is designed to provide you the most comfortable typing experience.

    • Multi-touch made easy

      The X Series' multi-point touchpad comes with Smart Gesture technology that offers finger-tip natural computing. It delivers naturally simple but intricate interaction, with scrolling and right clicking for access to advanced functions without a mouse. Smart Gesture technology supports a range of touch commands like pinch zoom in/out, scroll, and tap that simulate Windows 8 touchscreen functions. The touchpad is in ratio as the display for more precise pointer control and we've made it large to leave plenty of room to use Windows 8 gestures.

    • An ergonomic seamless one-piece keyboard

      The back-assembled, seamless one-piece keyboard prevents key float to provide you with a comfortable and assured typing experience. The ergonomically crafted Chiclet keyboard design spaces out the keys to provide an improved layout that ensures typing accuracy. Each individual key has been expertly tuned to ASUS's Golden Ratio of keyboard force and stroke to increase key responsiveness for faster typing. These details add up to reduce user fatigue even after prolonged periods of typing.

    • SmartGesture
    • keyboard
    • Incredible


      Access your data and files anytime, anywhere

      ASUS WebStorage ensures you get access to your data and files on any device that has an internet connection. With ASUS WebStorage, your files are automatically kept up-to-date and synced across various devices; you can share photos and videos with friends and family, and stream your music and movies to your device. ASUS X Series comes with free ASUS WebStorage.