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    VivoPC VM40B

    VivoPC VM40B

    Mini 802.11ac Wi-Fi PC- Out of the box computing

    • Intel Celeron® 1007U Dual-Core CPU
    • 2GB SODIMM (upgradable to 16GB)
    • Fast 802.11ac Wi-Fi and mobile device control
    • SonicMaster technology: integrated speakers and audio tuning software for premium sound
    • 56mm tall and with a footprint slightly larger than a standard DVD jewel case
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    ASUS VivoPC

    Don't be boxed in by convention

    Imagine all the functionalities of a traditional desktop PC in a chic, compact box with a footprint slightly larger than a standard DVD jewel case. Meet the ASUS VivoPC.

    Powered by an Intel® processor and featuring SonicMaster technology, VivoPC paves the way for a complete day-to-day computing and true-to-life cinematic multimedia experience. Sit back and enjoy as its built-in 802.11ac Wi-Fi gives you speeds up to three times faster than standard wireless-N speeds and stable connections for online Web surfing, media streaming, and online gaming.

    Chic and elegant design

    VivoPC defies convention and redefines the look of a desktop PC.
    Simple and elegant, its spun-metal finish fits right in your living or workspace.

  • Spun-metal finish keeps it in the family

    Sporting the same spun-metal design found on other ASUS offerings, VivoPC continues on the ASUS tradition of fine aesthetics and a quality finish.

    Mini yet powerful

    Don't judge VivoPC by its size. It provides the same performance as your traditional desktop PC. From plowing through spreadsheets to enjoying viral videos, VivoPC makes light work of these tasks.

    Faster Wi-Fi speeds and wireless control

    Surf your favorite webpages or stream movies and music from online libraries more smoothly
    with the latest 802.11ac dual band Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi GO! technology gives you full control
    over VivoPC without having to get up off the couch - it turns your
    smartphone or tablet into a remote control where you can
    access VivoPC through the remote desktop function
    and virtual keyboard or mouse.

    * Actual speeds may vary
    **The Wi-Fi standard of 802.11ac will be restricted by countries'
    regulations.Wi-Fi 802.11ac feature will be supported under the
    complete 11ac eco-system environment.

    Smartphone and tablet control

    Take control of VivoPC without a keyboard or mouse. Simply sync up your smartphone or tablet with VivoPC and work with the remote desktop function or through your device's onscreen QWERTY keyboard.

    Stable and fast wireless connections

    VivoPC ensures stable fast connections with dedicated antennas for its 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands; while a hotspot function lets other devices piggy-back on your VivoPC's web connection.

    Pitch-perfect audio

    External speakers? You don't need them. VivoPC has everything you need right out of the box. Built-in SonicMaster speakers and MaxxAudio tuning ensures pitch-perfect audio, every time.

    Intuitive audio effect setting

    SonicMaster and AudioWizard audio utilities found on VivoPC ensure the best sound for your movies and music. A few simple clicks loads up optimized audio setting for your Hollywood blockbuster or ripping guitar solos.

    Easy-access for DIY upgrades

    VivoPC keeps things simple when it's time for an upgrade. A user-friendly slide-out cover gives you quick, easy access to its internals for DIY memory and hard drive upgrades.

    Full compatibility for convenient connectivity

    VivoPC isn't short on connectivity options either, with an array of ports that are compatible with a multitude of devices.

    VivoPC comes with numerous USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports, with the latter delivering faster device charging and up to 10 times faster transfer speeds than previous generation USB, are available for quick file transfers and device sync-ups. VivoPC readily provides 8-channel audio through its optical SPDIF in/out port and three audio jacks; and that's accompanied by HDMI and VGA output ports for connections to HD displays or TVs.

    Store everything. Share anything.

    With 32GB of ASUS WebStorage provided free for three years, you can keep your important data safe in the cloud and access it on any device with an internet connection. Say goodbye to insecure USB flash drives, stream music when you're on the move, and share photos with family and friends just by sending a link.