ROG Ranger Compact Case

    ROG Ranger Compact Case

    The compact carry case for your accessories

    • Compact case with a rubberized coat emblazoned with the eye-catching ROG logo
    • Removable carabineer to attach Compact Case to your backpack
    • Ample storage including internal pockets
    • Elastic sides for quick and easy access
    • Durably-tailored side zipper

    MRP Rs.1,779

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      ROG Ranger Compact Case is the latest addition to the ROG Ranger Series family. ROG Ranger Compact Case has the same high-density construction found on the ROG Ranger Messenger and ROG Ranger Backpack, and sports the iconic ROG logo.

      ROG Ranger Messenger
      ROG Ranger Backpack
      ROG Ranger Compact Case

      Ample storage

      ROG Ranger Compact Case has loads of space and features internal pockets to hold your gaming accessories, cables, flash drives, or earphones. And with its removable carabineer, you can easily attach ROG Ranger Compact Case to your belt loops or ROG Ranger Series bag.

      Removable carabineer
      Hook and loop fastener-lined sides
      Ample storage including internal pockets