ASUS ZenScreen Stand MTS02D

ASUS ZenScreen Stand MTS02D - Ergonomic stand, Tilt, Pivot, Height adjustments, 1/4” Tripod Socket compatible
  • Highly ergonomic stand with tilt, pivot and height adjustment for a better eye level makes it versatile and comfortable to use.
  • Compatible with ASUS ZenScreen portable monitor, ROG Strix portable gaming monitor includes: MQ13AH, MB14AC, MB165B, MB166B, MB166C, MB16AH, MB16AH-J, MB16AHT, MB16ACV, MB16AWP, MQ16AH, XG16AHP, XG16AHPE, XG17AHP, XG17AHPE
  • 1/4” Tripod Socket compatible.
ASUS ZenScreen Stand MTS02D
ZenScreen stand MTS02D with ZenScreen connected with laptop placing on the table

The ZenScreen Stand MTS02D maximizes viewing comfort by place in eye level to reduce pressure on your neck and back. With 1/4” tripod socket design, compatible with ASUS ZenScreen portable monitor, ROG Strix portable gaming monitor.*

*Support weight limitation: 590g~1150g

How to set up

ZenScreen Go MB16AWP
  • ZenScreen stand with height adjustment feature

    Height Adjustment (0 ~ 215mm)

  • ZenScreen stand with Tilt feature

    Tilt: (20˚ ~ -10˚)

  • ZenScreen stand with Pivot feature

    Pivot (90° ~ -90°)

The ZenScreen Stand MTS02D ergonomic stand improves productivity by providing tilt, pivot and height adjustable capability for the ideal viewing position.

Compatible portable monitors

  • ZenScreen 14-inch compatible monitor with Zenscreen stand

    ZenScreen OLED

    MQ13AH/ MQ16AH

  • ZenScreen 16-inch compatible monitor with Zenscreen stand


    MB14AC/ MB165B/ MB166B/
    MB166C/ MB16AH/ MB16AH-J/

  • ROG strix compatible monitor with Zenscreen stand



Caring for the environment

Committed to creating a sustainable future, ASUS ensures sustainable packaging. The material Styrofoam has been replaced by corrugated cardboard and the recyclable expandable polyethylene (EPE)which can effectively reduce the waste and decrease the use of non-eco-friendly materials.

The conventional packaging with Styrofoam The new packaging with eco-friendly materials
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