ASUS SimPro Dock 2

Your one-stop connection station


One cable, unlimited possibilities

Advanced networking, management and security
Loaded with connectivity
Smart card applications, empowered
Power your day
Maximise the workspace without bounds


Connectivity empowered


Your workspace, tidied


One-button operation


Simple, smart software


Maximum support, minimum effort

Comprehensive 24x7 support
Three-year international warranty
Warranty extension
  • ASUS SimPro Dock 2 display support varies by the processor and graphics capabilities of the connected laptop. Please check specifications for full details.
  • ASUS SimPro Dock 2 supports up to one 8K display for a laptop which supports DSC (Display Stream Compression).
  • ASUS SimPro Dock 2 is compatible with certain ASUS laptops as well as non-ASUS laptops. SimPro Dock 2 works with laptops that support the industry-standard USB-C Alternate Mode or Thunderbolt protocols via the Type-C port.
  • SimPro Dock 2 supports additional features, such as MAC address passthrough, WOL, multiple display support and mirrored power button, on many ASUS laptops and displays. Some features may not be available on certain ASUS laptops, ASUS Chromebook, or non-ASUS laptops.
  • Service and warranty coverage may vary depending on country and territory. We recommend that you check with your local retailers to confirm the options available.
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