About ASUS

    In order to achieve our goal of making ASUS the world’s most admired enterprise of the digital era; we operate according to four core values that make up the ASUS DNA.

    The first of these four values is split into five virtues that we believe are key to the smooth development of processes and relationships, and everyone who works at ASUS is encouraged to practice them.

    The 5 ASUS Virtues

    ASUS places great importance on employee virtues. Five characteristics have been identified as key to the smooth development of processes and relationships. The five ASUS virtues are:


    • Show gratitude and respect for others
    • Possess strong team spirit
    • When facing problems, look into areas of personal responsibility rather than blame others
    • Be strongly motivated and strive for self-improvement


    • Be honest, sincere and truthful
    • Understand and accept one’s strengths and weaknesses
    • Develop open professional relationships


    • Develop open professional relationships
    • Focus on cost and eliminate waste to ‘do more with less’
    • Take the initiative to pull project teams together in order to create maximum customer value


    • Be quick to grasp the fundamentals of any situation
    • Take the right actions swiftly to create winning results
    • Seek and quickly seize new opportunities


    • Confront problems and embrace adversity
    • Drive constructive dialogue, even in the face of disagreement and criticism
    • Consider the available facts before drawing conclusions to avoid making hasty decisions

    Focus on Fundamentals

    In order to accomplish the best possible results, everyone at ASUS is encouraged to focus on the fundamentals of a task before they execute it.

    By considering the wider issues of a situation and approaching problems from the perspective of a potential customer, this core value helps discover successful — and cost effective — solutions.

    Innovation and Aesthetics

    Everyone at ASUS strives for technological and aesthetic perfection in everything they do. This core value involves ‘green light’ brainstorming, where every idea is sent to a pool from which the best solution is eventually pulled; while ‘red light’ thinking involves constant questioning to filter the potential problems from every proposal. Such structured experimentation helps develop products that exceed the customer’s expectations and enhance the overall product experience.

    Lean Thinking

    ASUS relies upon ‘lean thinking’ to create the greatest value for consumers by encouraging open communication between all levels within organization. This core value incorporates Lean Six Sigma principles to maximize the effectiveness of any process, cut down on unnecessary cost and wastage, and constantly improve management processes.