[Zenfone] How to take screenshot picture on ZenFone and where to find the screenshot pictures?

To provide you more detailed instruction, you can also click ASUS Youtube video link below to know more about How to take screenshot on ZenFone and where to find it



Below we introduce three ways to capture the screenshot on Zenfone.

Note: Some methods of capturing the screenshots may not apply to all models of Zenfone.


1. Press and hold the [Power key] and [Volume Down key] for 1 second >> Completed

    Available for all series of ASUS phone.



2. For earlier Android : Tap on "Application" > "Settings" > Choose "ASUS Customized Settings " from the options > Click "Recent Apps Key" then choose "Tap and hold to take screenshot" from the pop-up menu > Navigate the page and look through the screen you want to capture > Then press and hold   icon to capture the screenshot.

    For Android 8In "Settings" > Tap "Advanced" > Choose "Screenshot" under the Quick actions part >  Click "Recent apps key" > Then choose "Always show recent apps" from the menu.

   Only available for some models of ASUS Phone

 ZenFone 5 / ZenFone 5Z

If you want to capture a screenshot but you cannot find  icon, you can tap the screen anywhere to bring up on the screen.

3. On the Home page, swipe down to access the Quick Settings and then tap "Quick Settings options" > Press and hold the  Screenshot button  and drag it to the place you want in [Quick Setting menu].

   At the page you would like to capture, slide down the screen to access Quick settings and then tap "Screenshot".

  All the screenshots taken will be stored in the folder under /Internal storage/ Screenshots

   Only available for some models of ASUS Phone


*This information may not apply to all the products from the same category/series. Some of the screenshots and operations may also differ due to different software versions.