ASUS G750 and G550

4th gen Intel® Core i7 processor

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ASUS ROG G Series - The Ultimate Fighting Machine

Own the tech.

Control the city.

Get Watch_Dogs when you purchase select ASUS G750 gaming notebooks with GeForce® GTX 870M or 880M Graphics

In a world of smart technology, you need smart weaponry. A GTX 800M-class gaming notebook is the perfect smart weapon. Take your fight to the streets with breakthrough performance, the latest features and incredible battery life for serious gameplay beyond the desktop. Also, get one-click settings optimization and driver support with GeForce Experience technology.

Watch_Dogs on GeForce GTX. The Way It’s Meant to be Played.

ASUS G750 NVIDIA Optimus - Great performance and battery life

Up to NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 880M dedicated graphics

Notebook Gaming Supremacy

Speed past the opposition with the fastest notebook GPU ever and visualize victory on HD+ resolutions.**

Marathon Gaming with GeForce Battery Boost

Instant efficiency: Battery Boost delivers an incredible 30+ FPS experience with up to 3x the battery life.

Newest GeForce GTX Gaming Features

Share your favorite gaming moments with ShadowPlay and expand the battlefield from your PC to any GameStream-ready TV or tablet.

Optimus Technology

Automatically switches between discrete and integrated graphics to deliver outstanding graphics performance when you need it.

ASUS G750 Exhaust Vents

Stealth Fighter Design

With sleek, sharp lines inspired by a stealth fighter jet and a mysterious black finish, the G Series notebooks pack an enormous amount of power but feel no need to brag about it. You won’t see them coming.

ASUS G-Series Keyboard

Ultra-Responsive One-Piece Backlit Keyboard

With long travel keys for instant response, the seamless one-piece backlit keyboard is a joy to use anytime, anywhere even after extended sessions.

ASUS G750 Dual Fans

Duo-Copper Thermal Solution (G750 only)

Uniquely featured on the G750, three heat pipes direct heat to dual independent fans and copper heatsinks to provide maximum cooling efficiency.

ASUS G750 Copper Heatsink
ASUS G750 Dual Vents

Duo Rear-Venting Fan

Heat is quietly expelled through the back of the notebook - away from the gamer - so you can focus on your games.

Quickly removes heat from core components to ensure the utmost stability and reliability.

Future-ready: 4k2k HDMI output

The HDMI 1.4 port lets you connect to hi-res screens that go far beyond today’s 1080p systems. Plug in and experience immersive, true-to-life gaming.

Trinity Display Technology

Output gaming to three displays simultaneously via HDMI 1.4 or Mini DisplayPort 1.2. Game, watch a movie, or browse the web – all at once.

Kill Or Be Killed: Killer WLAN Support*

Exclusive wireless technology delivers fast data-transfer speeds of up to 300Mbits/s.

Powerful Headphone Amp for Improved Clarity (G750 only)

Enjoy reduced audio distortion and a wider frequency range for a more accurate, detailed stereo sound.

ROG AudioWizard

Modify sound settings to your preference or choose between 5 preset modes – War Room, Soundscape, Battlefield, Action, Multimedia – for the ultimate winning soundtrack.

Unbeatable Bass

Whether via an external subwoofer included with the G550 or the internal subwoofer on the G750, G Series gaming notebooks are designed to deliver an impressive low-end bass that you can feel.

Welcome to the G-Series

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