ProArt Display PA32UCXR

ASUS ProArt Display PA32UCXR Professional Monitor – 32-inch, 4K UHD (3840 x 2160), 2,304 zones Mini LED Backlight, Built-in Motorized Colorimeter, Self / Auto Calibration, HDR-10, HLG, Dolby Vision, 99% Adobe RGB, 97% DCI-P3, ΔE < 1, Thunderbolt™ 4 PD 90W, VESA DisplayHDR 1400, Hardware Calibration, Calman Ready, ColourSpace Integration, Ergonomic Stand, Green Sustainability
  • 32-inch mini LED backlight panel with 2304-zone local dimming for a 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio, with 1600 nits peak brightness and 1000 nits of sustained full-screen brightness
  • True 10-bit color depth and Quantum Dot technology provide 100% sRGB, 99% Adobe RGB, 97% DCI-P3 and Rec. 2020 color gamut, along with industry-leading Delta E < 1 color accuracy
  • Built-in colorimeter supports Self / Auto calibration, as well as Calman and Light Illusion ColourSpace CMS professional calibration software
  • Multiple HDR format support, including Dolby Vision®, HLG and HDR10
  • Rich connectivity including dual Thunderbolt™ 4 up to 90W Power Delivery, HDMI®, DisplayPort™, and a built-in USB Hub
  • Recyclable paper packaging, plus energy-efficient performance that meets environmental standards
ProArt Display PA32UCXR
ProArt Display PA32UCXR-front view with hood and colorimeter

ProArt Display PA32UCXR

1600 Nits Mini-LED Monitor with
Built-in Colorimeter for Ultimate Realism

ASUS ProArt Display PA32UCXR features mini-LED backlighting with 2304-zone local dimming, 1600 nits peak brightness, and up to 1000 nits sustained brightness without partial patch limitation. It boasts an industry-leading Delta E < 1 color difference, and features a built-in motorized flip colorimeter to ensure professional-grade color accuracy. Two Thunderbolt™ 4 ports and a host of other connectivity options enable seamless and efficient creative workflows, making this monitor ideal for content creators.

  • 32” 4K HDR

  • Mini LED​

    2304-zone local dimming
  • 1600 nits 

    Peak brightness​
  • 1000 nits ​

    Sustained brightness​
  • Self / Auto

    Built-in motorized flip colorimeter PA32UCXR features a built-in motorized flip colorimeter.
  • 99%

    Adobe RGB​
  • 97%

  • True 10-Bit

    Color depth​
  • VESA Certified Display HDR 1400 logo
  • Dolby Vison logo
  • Calman Ready logo Light illusion ColourSpace Integrated logo
  • Comprehensive Connectivity​

    Dual Thunderbolt™ 4, HDMI®, DisplayPort™, and USB hub​
    Thunderbolt logo

Empowering Content Creators

  • Two colorists discussing the color reproduction of ProArt Display PA32UCXR


    The 32-inch mini -LED backlit 4K panel with 2304-zone local dimming offers higher luminance with full white 1000 nits brightness and deeper black hues for exceptional color contrast and accurate reproduction of HDR content.

  • A creator working his project on ProArt Display PA32UCXR

    Filmmakers​ & Video Editors

    The PA32UCXR is pre-calibrated at the factory to ensure industry-leading color fidelity, featuring a wide color gamut and Delta E < 1 color difference, plus auto and self- calibration functions.

  • A creator doing photo ProArt Display PA32UCXR

    Designers & Photographers

    PA32UCXR provides truly precise color reproduction to bring out the details in photographs or digital artwork. It delivers ultra-high-quality visuals and ensures that creative details aren’t lost on the journey from click to print or production.

Deeper Blacks, ​
Brighter Whites

A peak brightness of 1600 nits and an industry-leading 1000 nits of full-screen sustained brightness allow for outstanding contrast between the deeper blacks and gleaming whites.

  • 1600 Nits Peak brightness​
  • 1000 Nits Sustained brightness​
ESA Certified Display HDR 1400 logo
ProArt Display PA32UCXR showing a high-contrast image of a lake and mountains

Visuals with Impeccable Levels of Detail

Standard mini LED technology employs central control via data scanning for chained zones to lower costs by using fewer control ICs. This approach requires brighter imagery to achieve optimal performance, however this can lead to screen flickering, irregular brightness, and a shorter LED lifespan.

In contrast, ProArt Display PA32UCXR boasts an impressive 2304-zone local dimming. It uses numerous control ICs to independently manage backlighting zones to effectively minimize onscreen flicker during transitions and ensure high levels of sustained brightness. This gives PA32UCXR outstanding brightness uniformity, efficient heat dissipation, and improved HDR image quality.

  • 32-inch
  • 4K HDR
  • Mini LED
  • 2304 zones local dimming​
ProArt Display PA32UCXR showing an image of a colorful light bulb.
  • Control

  • Control ICs

  • Flicker

  • LED lifespan

  • Grayscale tracking accuracy

  • Color accuracy

  • Power consumption​ (at the same brightness level)

  • ProArt mini LED displays
  • Individually-controlled with
    dedicated data for each zone

  • More control ICs

  • TÜV Rheinland-certified
    Stable even on low grayscale

  • Longer

  • Precise local dimming control

  • Showcases accurate colors regardless
    of window size

  • Needs lower power consumption​

  • Control

  • Control ICs

  • Flicker

  • LED lifespan

  • Grayscale tracking accuracy

  • Color accuracy

  • Power consumption​ (at the same brightness level)

  • Standard mini LED displays​
  • Central control by data
    scanning for chained-zones

  • Less control ICs

  • Onscreen flickering visible,
    especially on low grayscale​

  • Shorter

  • Poor, particularly at low grayscale levels

  • Color accuracy may be
    inconsistent depending on screen size​

  • Needs higher power consumption

Intuitive and Intelligent Calibration

  • ProArt Calibration​

  • ProArt Color Center

  • Seamless Calibration​

Self Calibration

ProArt Displays boast an innovative self-calibration feature for the embedded colorimeter. This standalone solution is compatible with any operating system and doesn’t require additional calibration software. Users may run the calibration process at any time, or schedule it during off hours through the OSD menu.

Learn More About Self Calibration
ProArt Display PA32UCXR features a built-in colorimeter

ProArt Calibration

ASUS ProArt Calibration technology saves all color parameter profiles on the ProArt monitor’s internal scaler IC chip, instead of the PC. The monitor can be calibrated and the look-up table subsequently rewritten, allowing users to connect it to devices with different operating systems or applications without needing to adjust settings. Users can also use ProArt Calibration to schedule regular calibration intervals.

*ProArt Calibration support will be available Q1 2024 via firmware update.

Learn more about ProArt Calibration
Front and rear view of ProArt Display PA32UCXR, with the monitor showing off an image with vivid colors.

Color parameter profiles

ProArt Color Center​

ProArt Color Center offers remote group control and calibration tools, allowing users to run vital tasks from a centralized location. Calibration schedules and customized color parameters can be set to maintain consistent, professional-level accuracy.

*ProArt Color Center support will be available Q1 2024 via firmware update.

Learn More About ProArt Color Center ProArt Color center can manage multiple ProArt Displays with different color spaces.

Seamless Calibration

In addition to having a built-in colorimeter, ProArt displays PA32UCXR is compatible with most major calibrators, including those from X-Rite, Datacolor and Klein. They also work seamlessly with Calman and Light Illusion ColourSpace CMS professional hardware calibration software.

*Calman Ready and Light Illusion ColourSpace CMS will be available Q1 2024 via firmware update.

Calman Ready logo Light Illusion ColourSpace Integrated logo
A man editing a photo of a boy across two PA32UCXR monitors

Enjoy true-to-life color

PA32UCXR exceeds industry color reproduction standards with its 99% Adobe RGB, 97% DCI-P3, 100% sRGB, 100% Rec. 709, and 87% Rec. 2020 color gamut, making it ideal for video editing and post-production. Its true 10-bit IPS panel is able to showcase more than 1.07 billion colors to give content creators a vast color spectrum to work with.

  • 99% ​Adobe RGB​
  • 97% ​DCI-P3​
  • ​True 10-bit​
A creator doing color gradings on ProArt Display PA32UCXR

Class-Leading Color Fidelity

Each ProArt display is factory pre-calibrated using a new, three-scale process to guarantee industry-leading color fidelity. The display then undergoes stringent testing using ASUS advanced grayscale tracking technology to ensure smoother color gradations, better uniformity and high color accuracy with a Delta E < 1 color difference value. Each grayscale level is also carefully measured and set to ensure compliance with the precise DICOM standard for medical use.

  • ΔE < 1 ​Color Accuracy
A vibrant powder explosi ProArt Display PA32UCXR

Create In Ultra-Vivid HDR

  • Multiple PQ Curves

  • HDR Preview

ASUS Smart HDR Technology

Exclusive ASUS Smart HDR technology enables ProArt Display PA32UCXR to support multiple HDR formats, including Dolby Vision®, HLG, and HDR10.

Dolby Vision transforms the viewing experience with unmatched levels of brightness, contrast, and colors.

HLG allows users to view and create material for broadcast and satellite TV platforms such as BBC iPlayer, Japan NHK TV, and DirecTV.

HDR10 support ensures compatibility with existing streaming video services and a growing list of HDR-enabled games.

*Dolby Vision support will be ready on 2023/Q4 via firmware update.​
  • HDR10
  • HLG
A city night view image on ProArt Display PA32UCXR

Multiple PQ Curves

ASUS ProArt displays support multiple HDR10 curves, including PQ Hard Clip, PQ Optimized, and PQ Basic, which can cover all content creation needs.

  • With the PQ Hard Clip setting applied, the sun and snow in the image appears brighter

    PQ Hard Clip

    This setting preserves the PQ curve until it displays maximum luminance. Anything brighter will be mapped to the maximum luminance of the display.

  • With the PQ Optimized setting applied, the image shows the actual brightness of the sun and snow

    PQ Optimized

    This PQ curve setting reproduces accurate gradations that correspond to the maximum brightness of the monitor to deliver optimized HDR performance.

  • With the PQ Basic setting applied, the sun and snow in the image appears less bright

    PQ Basic

    This setting offers general HDR performance.

HDR Preview

HDR Preview enables a direct camera-to-monitor connection to view captured HDR content with its full tonal range. It also works within most video editing software platforms, providing accurate simulations of the final output for an easier, more streamlined editing experience.

*Raw data/camera imagery must support HDR mode and the PQ curve.
With the PQ Basic setting applied, the sun and snow in the image appears less bright

Streamlined, Efficient Workflows

  • Diverse Viewing

  • Ergonomic

  • Detachable Monitor

  • Intelligent

Multi-device Connectivity

PA32UCXR offers dual Thunderbolt 4 ports, DisplayPort 1.4, and two HDMI 2.0 ports for compatibility with current and future displays and peripherals. One of the Thunderbolt 4 ports offers up to 90 W Power Delivery to charge devices as well as the ability to daisy-chain several displays though a single port, without the need for a hub or switch. PA32UCXR also includes an earphone jack and USB hub.

ipherals. One of the Thunderbolt™ 4 ports offers up to 90W Power Delivery to charge devices, also makes it possible to daisy
  • HDMI (v2.0)
  • DisplayPort1.4
  • Thunderbolt™ 4 USB-C
  • Earphone Jack
  • USB3.2 Hub

Diverse Viewing Options

Picture-by-Picture (PbP)​

View content from up to four input sources simultaneously. Each window’s color mode can also be configured to sRGB, Adobe RGB, DCI-P3, Rec. 2020, User Mode 1, User Mode 2 and User Mode 3.

Picture-in-Picture (PiP)

This mode places content from a second input source in a smaller window that can be placed in any corner of the display.

ProArt Display PA32UCXR showing split-screen viewing, with the left side of the monitor for photo editing, while the right side shows a web browser

Ergonomic Design

The ergonomic stand offers tilt, swivel, pivot, and height adjustments for the perfect viewing position. Being able to pivot the screen 90° clockwise or anticlockwise to portrait orientation comes in handy when working with posters, playbills, and other large-format projects. A quick-release feature allows users to VESA mount the monitor to a wall to save desktop space.

  • An image of an aurora being shown onThe aurora scenery shows on  ProArt Display PA32UCXR.

    Height Adjustment
    0~100 mm

  • Image showing the tilt adjustment angles of ProArt Display PA32UCXR


  • An image of an aurora shown on ProArt Display PA32UCXR in portrait mode


  • An image of an aurora shown on ProArt Display PA32UCXR in landscape mode


Detachable Monitor Hood

A wraparound hood reduces on-screen reflections from nearby light sources, enabling users to work with confidence in the studio or on location.

A colorful image being shown on ProArt Display PA32UCX


Intelligent Sensors

A colorful image on ProArt Display PA32UCXR showing a colorful pattern image.
  • 1Ambient Light Sensor

    Automatically dims or brightens the display depending on environmental lighting

  • 2Proximity Sensor

    Automatically dims the display when it detects no user in front of the monitor

*Ambient Light Sensor and Proximity Sensor cannot be used at the same time.

Environmental Certification

ProArt Display PA32UCXR​ is stringently tested to meet the requirements of world-leading sustainability certifications. These tests include a comprehensive database of up-to-date criteria, independent verification, and a structured system for continuous improvement.​

Energy Star logo

Eco-friendly Packaging

ProArt Display PA32UCXR packaging are made of at least 80% recyclable cardboard. ASUS has designed the packaging to minimize weight and volume, which helps conserve natural resources and allows more devices to be transported in a single shipping container.​​

PA32UCXR packaging are made of recyclable cardboard.
  • Energy-Efficient Features

    ProArt Display PA32UCXR has a power-saving Eco-mode, and achieve zero-watt power consumption with hard-switch off.​​

  • Eco-friendly Materials

    Extensive research and development ensure ProArt Display PA32UCXR is made from eco-friendly materials like 85% post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastics and components like mercury-free panels.​

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