ROG uses a strategic mix of hardware and features to achieve ideal cooling for each combination of components and chassis, combined with smart software that optimizes your experience for work and play.

Boost past the competition

ROG Boost takes graphics to the next level by pushing GPUs to their maximum clock speeds, wattages, and beyond. Faster frequencies mean more frames per second and smoother, more engaging gameplay.

Wattage 115w Minimum Spec ROG Boost
Frequency 1540 MHZ Minimum Spec ROG Boost

Maximize GPU performance

Modern GPUs can run at a range of clock speeds and wattages depending on the config. Our suite of Intelligent Cooling techniques lets us push GPUs to the top of that range and in some cases into factory overclocked territory. Elevating the frequency and power envelope with ROG Boost gives gamers higher frame rates and an edge over the competition.


Lift your Active Aerodynamic System

Cooling ultra-slim laptops is especially challenging, so the original ROG Zephyrus revolutionized them with AAS. When you lift the lid, the chassis raises to reveal a hidden vent that increases airflow.

Inhale and exhale

Cool air is drawn in through the opening and pumped out of exhausts in the edges of the chassis. Slight ramps in the outlets help direct warm air upward, separating it from the cooler layer of intake air below. AAS helps reduce the temperature of air flowing into the fans by about 10°C compared to typical laptops.

Proven durability

Made from a resilient and lightweight magnesium alloy, the AAS door meets rigorous ROG reliability standards. Hinge tests ensure that it can be opened and closed at least 20,000 times without cracking or deforming. AAS is also proven in the field; across 17,500 activated Zephyrus M GM501GM laptops, its failure rate is virtually nonexistent at just 0.0001%. The design is durable enough for heavy everyday use.


Stand tall to breathe deeper

Typical clamshell laptops force fans to draw air through a narrow space under the chassis. The innovative design of the ROG Mothership lets fans breathe freely from the back to improve cooling.

Revolutionizing the form factor

More than three years ago, ROG engineers wondered how much laptop cooling could be improved by putting key components behind the display. They propped up one of our existing desktop replacements and saw significantly lower temperatures, so we created Project Mothership to explore the concept. In the final machine, standing tall lowers temperatures by up to 14°C compared to lying flat.

Setting a new bar

The unique standing design is so much better for cooling that we were able to make the ROG Mothership slimmer than typical desktop replacements. It fits factory-overclocked processors into a chassis that's only 29.9mm, which is remarkably portable for a powerhouse of this caliber. The detachable keyboard matches the positional freedom of desktop PCs, revolutionizing the form factor in more ways than one.


Liquid metal keeps CPUs cooler

Select models reduce CPU temperatures with an exotic liquid metal compound from Thermal Grizzly. Custom equipment automates the application process with mechanical precision fit for mass production.

Impactful results

In the ROG Mothership, highly efficient liquid metal compound decreases CPU temperatures by up to 13°C compared to standard thermal paste. The block that sits on the processor features a special internal fence that prevents leakage, ensuring reliable and consistent performance over time.

Ramping up production

Working with liquid metal is difficult, requiring a delicate touch; applying it is a meticulous process typically done by hand. That's not feasible for mass production, so we commissioned custom equipment that automates application with mechanical precision. This machine was the first of its kind in the industry.


Self-cleaning cooling sustains performance

Keeping key cooling components free from dust is crucial to sustaining long-term system stability. Anti-dust tunnels channel debris out of the chassis, preventing build-up to preserve performance.

Defend against dust

Active cooling invariably pulls tiny fibers of dust and debris into the system, where they become trapped and accumulate on key components over time. This buildup can compromise long-term performance and stability; heatsinks dissipate less heat, vents become blocked, and fans generate less airflow. Our self-cleaning cooling uses centrifugal force generated by the fans to push particles along the walls of the housing and into special anti-dust tunnels that channel it out of the chassis, helping the system stay in peak form.


Dissipate the heat

Sintered heatpipes are carefully arranged to draw heat away from the CPU, GPU, and VRM supplying power. Multiple heatsinks with ultra-thin fins increase surface area to maximize thermal dissipation.

Super-sizing surface area

Heat is piped to slim 0.1mm fins that make up the heatsinks. With half the thickness of regular fins, we can fit more per heatsink to make the most of limited space. Extra fins mean more surface area for heat dissipation. Their ultra-thin profile lowers air resistance despite the higher density, allowing fans to more effectively transfer heat out of the system.

Tailor-made solutions

ROG thermal engineers carefully tailor the cooling for each device. The heat spreaders are specially shaped for each machine and placed to optimally collect heat from multiple components. The attached heatpipe network varies by model, with higher-end machines featuring additional pipes to ensure effective cooling for the processors and power circuitry.


More blades amplify airflow

Higher densities allow n-Blade fans to draw more air with each rotation. The blades must be incredibly thin, so they're made from a special liquid-crystal polymer strong enough to withstand high RPMs.

31 FAN BLADES Old Design (2017) 83 FAN BLADES New n-Blade (2019)

LCP makes it possible

For fans to perform at their best, they need lots of blades with plenty of space between them to gather air. They also have to be strong enough to spin at high speed in hot environments. Our n-Blade fans are made from an incredibly resilient thermoplastic that can be molded 33% thinner than conventional designs without sacrificing strength. The latest version has 83 blades that enable 20% more airflow than conventional designs at the same noise level—or equivalent airflow with 5dB less noise.


CoolZone keeps keyboards comfortable

Laptop keyboards can become uncomfortably hot during marathon gaming sessions. Venting by the WASD keys allows the fan beneath to generate airflow through the board, keeping your crucial inputs cool.

Positioning is key

Keyboard-forward designs like the Zephyrus S GX701 go further by shifting the deck away from components that generate the most heat. This move keeps your hands away from warmer regions and leaves more room for additional venting above the fans.

The ROG Mothership takes this concept to the extreme with a detachable keyboard that fully separates from the system. Set the keyboard where you want and enjoy cool surface temperatures even after hours of intense gaming.

The ROG Mothership takes this concept to the extreme with a detachable keyboard that fully separates from the system. Set the keyboard where you want and enjoy cool surface temperatures even after hours of intense gaming.


Strike a balance between speed and noise

Cooling requirements vary based on the task. Turbo, Performance, and Silent operating modes optimize performance and acoustics for different scenarios, providing more power or greater stealth on demand.

Silent mode

Silent Mode runs even quieter for lighter loads like productivity, media playback, and less demanding games. Whether you're working on your laptop in a coffee shop or watching videos at home, Silent Mode maintains a low profile for more discretion and less distraction.

Performance mode

Performance Mode adjusts the clocks and cooling to lower noise levels without giving up too many frames per second. The best mode for gaming, it nearly matches the FPS of Turbo Mode but runs noticeably quieter, so you can hear enemies clearly alongside your music, stream, or voice chat.

Turbo mode

Turbo Mode uses the highest frequencies and fan speeds to sustain maximum CPU and GPU performance. It's best for time-sensitive tasks and serious work, especially intensive content creation like video editing and 3D rendering.


Scenario Profiles enhance your experience

Automatic switching between Scenario Profiles puts you in the right mode for the moment. Define your preferred operating mode and other system settings for individual applications and games.

Seamless switching

Scenario Profiles let you personalize how your PC behaves for different tasks. Armoury Crate automatically switches operating modes and other system settings to optimize your experience for the active application. You can also shift operating modes manually with on-demand switching via keyboard shortcut.


Intelligent Cooling Across the Lineup