Build a Limitless Future


Streamline operations. Boost productivity. Empower your workforce.

Be ready for anything with durable, high-performance technology from ASUS that lets you realize your vision – even in harsh environments.
A businessman is attentively looking at his ASUS ExpertBook and there is some construction design layout at the desk.

Digitally transformative technology for the C-suite

Choose digital tools that enable better collaboration, greater control of the value chain, and more data-driven decision making.
One employee points at a land use plan shown on ASUS Chromebook laptop.

Remote-ready digital tools for operations teams

Maximize resources with solutions that enable remote working and automation, with centralized management.
An engineer is looking at a model design shown on ASUS ExpertBook laptop.

Smart, powerful technology for designers on the ground

Enhance user experience and streamline operations with high-performance, cloud-ready devices.

Empower your workforce to increase productivity and flexibility

AEC professionals want more time working from home, and less time waiting for the tools they need. ASUS understands the challenges you face. That’s what makes us the ideal technology partner.
AEC is experiencing project delays due to longer lead times and shortage of materials1.
$1.6 trillion
AEC is losing out on profit by not embracing technology2.
AEC professionals want to split their work time between their office and home3.
A businessman is in a video-conferencing.

Streamline and optimize operations

Poor communication and siloed teams compound supply chain challenges and cause unwanted delays in the construction process.

ASUS helps you increase operational efficiency and alleviate delays with digital tools that enable smoother communication – thanks to a reliable internet connection and collaboration tools – and secure sharing of data in real time for easier project management.

Two designers are looking at a car design on ASUS monitor and there is a ExpertCenter desktop stands by the monitor.

Empower your workforce

A skills shortage in the architecture, engineering and construction industry means teams are stretched, and outdated hardware is slowing them down.

Adopt innovative, high-performance technology from ASUS that increases productivity and improves employee experience to help attract and retain top talent.

Two construction workers are checking something on the ASUS ExpertBook laptop at a construction field.

Work in any environment

Architects, engineers and construction workers need adaptable, durable devices that let them work from home, in the office and on-site.

Discover digital tools and solutions from ASUS designed for different scenarios and completely configurable to your needs. Plus, military-grade durability means they’ll withstand whatever’s thrown at them.