Gain the Leading Edge

ASUS recommends Windows 11 Pro for business.

Become the competition with future-facing technology

ASUS lets you respond to industry changes and address the needs of a changing workforce, so you can stay ahead of the competition and grow further.
Two production managers are looking at ASUS ExpertBook and discussing together in a factory.

A strategic partner for production managers

Support your company’s growth initiatives with hardworking digital tools that put you one step ahead of the competition.
Two engineers are discussing a design shown on ASUS monitor in office.

Powerful, reliable devices for programmers and engineers

Choose devices that manage large programs and crucial integrations, without slowing down the production process.
An IT staff is working.

Scalable solutions for IT teams

Modernize factory operations with advanced technologies that boost efficiency, increase productivity, and grow with your business.

Meeting the needs of a changing workforce to enable growth

A new era of automation combined with big thinking and the human touch is accelerating industry change. Discover how choosing ASUS as your technology partner makes your manufacturing business a better place to work.
Manufacturers believe smart factory technologies will accelerate innovation and development1.
Manufacturing workers are operating flexibly, resulting in a greater need for automation2.
Manufacturers are adjusting their business in new ways to achieve growth3.
A manufacturing worker is checking some information by ASUS ExpertBook in tablet mode at a warehouse.

Adapt fast and respond to changes

Supply chain disruptions and instability in the manufacturing industry are increasing costs and testing manufacturers’ ability to adapt. Plus, legacy technology is impacting productivity.

Increase agility and resilience with smart, versatile technology from ASUS that enables you to adapt faster. Innovative products and automation streamline operations, improving quality while supporting integration with your systems.

Two workers are looking at ASUS Chromebook Detachable and discussing together is a factory.

Meet the needs of a changing workforce

An industry-wide labor shortage is impacting productivity, and outdated hardware that isn’t designed for flexible working is compounding the problem.

ASUS enables you to enhance employee experience within manufacturing jobs and increase operational efficiency with powerful, durable devices that make collaboration easy. Plus, you can get expert support whenever you need it.

Two employees are checking some information by a tablet in a factory.

Stay competitive and grow further

With industry 4.0 technologies transforming operations, manufacturers must continue adapting to changes and adjusting their business in new ways to achieve growth and avoid being left behind.

Accelerate innovation and design development with ASUS’ smart factory technologies. Plus, enable easy IT management with a centralized IT platform and ensure on-site security with physical hardware protection.