Stay Secure to Stay Ahead 


Lead the way with security that lets you make anywhere your office

ASUS brings you technology and solutions designed especially for remote working. So you know your data is safe, wherever your team might be.
An executive is in a video-conferencing, holding ASUS ExpertBook laptop on hand, standing by the window in office.

Future-ready technology for CIOs

Build resilience and support digital transformation with emerging technologies that offer speed, flexibility and scale.
A business woman is monitoring run chart shown on ASUS monitors in office.

Secure solutions for compliance teams

Protect your business and ensure financial technology meets compliance requirements with the latest security features.
A sales man is presenting to his client with an ASUS ExpertBook in stand mode on the desk.

Sleek, convenient devices for salespeople

Discover a more engaging way to provide customer service with powerful, lightweight devices offering impressive battery-life.

Combat security threats in the face of flexible working

Your people and data both need protecting so you can fulfill their potential in finance. Discover how choosing ASUS as your technology partner protects your business in the new world of work.
Financial firms expect workers to telecommute at least once a week1.
Increase in cyber security attacks dramatically across the banking industry in 20212.
Finance companies are looking to invest in new technology to improve customer acquisition3.
A business man is using ASUS ExpertBook laptop on the road.

Support employee mobility

With remote and hybrid working now the norm in the financial services industry and face-to-face client meetings making a comeback, outdated technology causes frustration and impacts productivity. ASUS supports new ways of working with built-in features that offer a better employee experience both in and out of the office. Plus, simplify your financial systems and increase productivity with cloud compatibility.
IT staffs are concentrated on their work, using ASUS ExpertCenter desktops and monitors.

Protect your organization

Thanks to the rise of open banking and increasing number of cybersecurity risks, financial services companies that don’t sufficiently protect data are under unwanted scrutiny.

ASUS helps you reduce risk, improve compliance, and offer peace of mind for your customers and teams with robust hardware and software security solutions that keep financial data safe, even when working remotely.

A business standing by the window in office is using ASUS ExpertBook laptop.

Stay ahead of the competition

Because you never know what’s coming next, enduring financial institutions must present a sleeker, more modern way of showcasing their products and services.

Future-proof your business with high-performance ASUS devices that empower a digital-first approach and create better customer experiences. Plus, choosing ASUS as your expert partner helps you discover how technology can contribute to your growth strategy.