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ASUS routers enable seamless and secure WiFi connections for a restaurant management system

Retail & Hospitality
ASUS routers are easy to set up, secure and stable, which empowered FoodZaps, a restaurant management system, to use them to install scalable, reliable, and fast wireless networks at their client sites.

Technology enhancing the performance of Unreal Engine

With the ASUS ProArt displays and workstation, SkyUp has managed to not only enhance its performance with Unreal Engine, but also keep the quality consistent when it comes to their final product.
SkyUp Academy

Creating a Seamless Mesh WiFi Network For a Busy Hostel

Small & Medium Business
The Taiwan-based hostel Tree Castle Craftery installed an ASUS mesh WiFi system, routers and Ethernet switches to create the perfect network.
Tree Castle Craftery

Unleashing The Next AAA Games

After installing ASUS ProArt equipment, the games department at Breda University of Applied Sciences now has a full workflow with industry-leading colour accuracy and computing power, starting from Visual Arts all the way to developing their games.
Breda University, GAMEducation - #3 best video game school worldwide (2023) Keuzegids - Top rated programme (2023)

ASUS Mini PCs Empowering Medical Innovation: A Case Study with Meden-Inmed

Small & Medium Business
Meden-Inmed identified ASUS Mini PC as the ideal solution for their Axelero Gait & Balance training device.

Transforming global workflows through ASUS Mini PC

Small & Medium Business
Founded in 1998, DNEG is one of the world's leading visual effects and animation studios for feature film and television. Initially founded as a small team in London, DNEG has grown into a global powerhouse with multiple facilities across multiple continents.
Transforming global workflows through ASUS Mini PC

Empowering next-generation content creation

Media & Entertainment
ASUS worked with Reallusion to build a powerhouse rendering solution based on the NVIDIA Omniverse platform.

How ASUS routers helped to create a modern smart warehouse network on a site of over 30,000m²

ROG Rapture GT-AX11000 tri-band AiMesh routers provided better coverage in several warehouses than common ceiling-mount access points.
Leading paper product maufacturer

Equipping the next generation of creative talent

BNU collaborated with ASUS ProArt to create an innovative industry-standard teaching space for its students.
Buckinghamshire New University Logo

Driving the future of filmmaking

Blending game technology with traditional filmmaking methods, virtual production allows directors and producers to work with live actors inside the digital environments. Since ASUS has a strong background in gaming motherboards, it has the advantage when it comes to empowering virtual production. The experience and knowledge to produce hardware solutions to studios like Final Pixel, positions ASUS ProArt as the industry choice when it comes to driving the future of filmmaking.
Final Pixel Logo

ASUS AiMesh Networking Solution elevate school network coverage to the next level

ASUS AiMesh helped a Malaysian school improve online connectivity throughout the school, creating a better teaching environment and supporting current teaching trends ― including remote learning.
SMJK Yok Bin

Cutting-edge tools for architectural visualisation

Using industry-standard equipment, School-ing can now create more complex scenes, with more details and with greater realism. Having the ASUS monitors and workstations, the school can power the real time engines that can push their visualisations to the next level.
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