ASUS Chromebook Flip C213SA

    Built Tough. Built Smart.
    Toughness that surpasses
    industry standards
    Military grade reliability & durability to withstand every situation
    Best-in-class Drop Test
    from 3.9 feet
    No disruption from accidental drops
    All-Round Rubber Wrapped
    Protective Guard
    Reduces the impact from any knocks and drops
    Zinc Alloy Hinge cap with
    40,000-Swing Test
    No worries from the daily intensive school and home usage
    Designed to deal
    with All Hazards
    Every conceivable situation in K-12 has been thought of
    Special Body Material for Anti-Scratch & Anti-Fingerprint
    2 Grips For Better Traction
    Spill-Resistant Keyboard
    which teachers and students will love
    Clever features making typing a bliss every day
    Smart Versatility in Every Way
    Convenient every time and every day
    High Response EMR Pen
    Intuitive touches with optional EMR pen for more creative learning
    Intuitive Touch Screen
    every student is familiar with
    More interaction & more responsive learning
    180-Degree for
    a Fully Open Chromebook
    Facilitating easy group discussion and sharing
    Better User Experience
    with the Anti-Glare Display
    Perfect viewing even in sunlight
    Dual Camera HD+5MP capability
    2 cameras are better than 1
    Long Battery Life of
    up to 12 Hours
    All day battery life for home and the classroom
    Tear down
    key components in minutes
    Minimizing downtime & extending refresh cycles for IT in school