ASUS recommends Windows 10 Pro for business.


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    Flip to Work or Play,
    10 Hours a Day!
    Flip to Work or Play,
    10 Hours a Day!
    3.31 lb Handy weight
    0.78 in Ultra thin
    The Perfect Laptop for Any Occasion

    By carefully trimming every last gram, we've made the 13-inch ASUS Q304UA weigh a super-light 3.3 lb. And what's even better is that it's 10% slimmer than the previous generation, measuring just 0.78 in thin. All this makes ASUS Q304UA not only a great choice for home or office use, but also a perfect take-anywhere device that allows you to work and relax anytime, anywhere.

    Its gorgeous metal finish makes it lovely to touch, and its stylish looks make it stand out from the crowd. In short, ASUS Q304UA is irresistibly stunning.

    Solid Engineering, from Every Angle

    ASUS Q304UA's robust and remarkable 360-degree, multi-gear metal hinge gives you the freedom to organize your life the way you want. Do serious work in laptop mode. Flip into tent mode to share or discuss stuff with your colleagues. Create your own personal movie theater in an instant with stand mode. And wherever you are, ASUS Q304UA's handy tablet mode is enhanced by the lightweight design and superb battery life.

    360 Robust Hinge
    20,000 Hinge Tests
    Your Way ,All Day!
    Despite its compact design, ASUS Q304UA features a powerful 55Wh battery to give you up to 10 hours of battery life, so you don't need to be constantly on the look-out for power sockets. And with all its versatile modes at your fingertips, ASUS Q304UA is everything you need for a whole fun-filled day.
    A Combination of Power and Efficiency
    Windows 10 Premium
    UP TO i5 Intel-core CPU

    ASUS Q304UA gives you powerful, energy-efficient performance with up to 7th-generation Intel® Core™ i5 processors and high-performance graphics.

    Windows 10 also lets you work smarter and smoother, with Continuum mode that automatically changes the Windows display layout depending on how you're using ASUS Q304UA — so you always get the best Windows experience, for every flip mode!

    With up to 1TB HHD storage, ASUS Q304UA has more than enough space for your business presentations, photo albums, and multimedia content. Whether you're indoors, or on the move – you get more done with ASUS Q304UA.

    Get Connected with USB-C and 802.11ac Wi-Fi
    The new, reversible USB Type-C port makes connecting devices so much easier! Fast USB 3.1 Gen 1 (up to 5Gbit/s) lets you transfer a 2GB movie to a USB drive in under 2 seconds! For maximum convenience and compatibility, ASUS Q304UA features one standard USB 2.0 and two USB 3.0 ports, along with an additional HDMI port for connecting various peripherals and devices.
    USB 3.0
    USB 2.0
    Micro HDMI
    SD Card
    802.11ac Wi-Fi gives you a better online experience – with stronger, more stable signals and transfer speeds that are three times that of previous Wi-Fi generations.
    802.11 ac advanced Wi-Fi connection
    Immersive Audiovisuals
    ASUS Q304UA immerses you in crystal-clear visuals and pitch-perfect sound. Its Full HD display gives you wide viewing angles so your images never look washed out or lacking in contrast, even when viewing them from off-center. This makes ASUS Q304UA perfect for sharing screen contents with a group of people, whatever mode it's in.
    Exclusive ASUS SonicMaster technology combines precision-crafted hardware with software tuning for truly immersive audio.
    Instant Response to The Lightest Touch
    ASUS Q304UA is designed to respond instantly to your every touch. We've doubled the touch sensitivity, so even the slightest movement of your fingertips is detected, and it only needs the lightest of touches to work perfectly. In fact, it's so good that it reacts accurately even to a child's small fingertips!
    2 X Sensitive
    10 Fingers Multi-Touch
    Typing Comfort is All in The Details
    Just because the 13.3 -inch ASUS Q304UA is incredibly slim, light and compact doesn't mean you have to suffer typing on it. We've engineered a superb keyboard with full-size keys, and with just the right amount of key travel to make it supremely comfortable to use, even for marathon typing stints. The cleverly-designed key mechanism gives the keys a reassuringly-solid feel —these backlit keys even feature ambient light control, so you stay productive even in dark environments — it's details like this that set ASUS Q304UA apart from the crowd.
    Solid cissor cut design
    1.6 mm Travel distance
    Backlit Keyboard
    A Responsive Touchpad that's Smart
    The large touchpad on ASUS Q304UA makes it effortless to navigate your way around Windows. We've made it extra-sensitive for instant response, and to avoid those annoying jumps when your palm hits the touchpad, we use an exclusive smart algorithm that recognizes the difference between fingers and a palm. It's a perfect balance between sensitivity and usability.