Wireless ADSL 2/2+ Home Gateway with 4 Ethernet Ports

    Your first all-in-one solution at home! with Asus ADSL QuickSetup and EZQoS bandwidth management!

      Wireless router + ADSL modem in ONE device?
      Support both ADSL 2 and ADSL 2+, which is capable of delivering up to 24Mbps of downstream data rate, depending on the service providers and actual distance. 802.11g wireless LAN standard provides 54Mbps data rate in the LAN.

      "Quick Setup" – auto-detection of local ADSL settings

      • Powered by a well-defined ADSL connection database
      • Auto-detection of local ISP settings (VPI/VCI/connection type) in almost every open channel ADSL-implemented territory.
      • No more complicated ADSL configuration! Modem & router in one box working in just a few clicks away.

      EZQoS(Asus Bandwidth on Demand)
      Intelligently optimizes network resources and automatically prioritizes network traffic to guarantee latency-free gaming experience.

      Extend network coverage as an Internet gateway so that other routers and their client devices can connect to the Internet through WL-AM604g*Based on Broadcom solution.

      Enhanced Security
      Double firewall: NAT and SPI, protecting your LAN, your family from the attack of bad incoming traffic.