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    Crystal Clear & Detailed Sound
    Precision Crafted for Sound and Beauty
    Patented Damping System and Transmission Tube designed to deliver crystal clear and detailed sound.Ergonomically-designed for a perfect fit to your ear.CNC precision crafted with diamond cut rings to deliver the ASUS iconic Zen design
    Patented Damping System
    In order to reduce the reflected sound to the chamber diaphragm, ZenEar is built with a special damping material effectively absorb reflected sound, reducing distortion, restore more music details.
    Balanced use of patented damping system, front and rear sound chamber in a more transparent acoustic transmission path, to achieve a more balanced sound and detail.
    Ergonomically-Designed for A Perfect Fit to Your Ear
    ZenEar is designed to fit the human ear just right. It fits comfortably, with the bass tube and plug angled at 70° and 120° respectively.
    Crystal-Clear Sound Delivery
    Careful tuning and design ensures ZenEar reduces the adverse effects of cavity resonance to give users the best sound quality.
    Live Concert Audio Immersion
    Fine-tuned output for ZenFone audio excellence
    Zenfone 2 Laser + ZenEar
    Stage effect: Experience audio that sounds as real as a live performance, with clear differentiation between vocals and instruments
    iPhone 6 Plus + Apple EarPods
    Flat effect: Compared to ZenFone's incredible stereoscopic-orchestra technology, iPhone offers flatter playback that lacks emotion