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    ROG G75VX

    ROG G75VX

    Desktop quality performance on 17.3” gaming laptop

    • Intel® 3rd generation Core™ i73630QMprocessors and the latest NVIDIA® enthusiast-level graphics
    • Intelligent rear-vented cooling exhausts with detachable fan filters
    • Superior ergonomic design for effortless gaming
    • Immersive 3D experience with NVIDIA® 3D LightBoost™ technology
    • SonicMaster Lite powerful audio with built-in subwoofer
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    Uncompromising power with the most advanced CPU and GPU technology

    Relentless power for extreme PC gaming

    New Intel® Core™ processors and NVIDIA® GeForce® enthusiast-level graphics

    All hail the new king of portable PC gaming. The uncompromising ROG G75VX breaks performance barriers with the power of a third generation Intel® Core™ i7 processor and an NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX670MX GPU with up to 3GB of GDDR5 VRAM. It establishes itself as the fastest notebook in the realm, delivering amazing top-tier gaming experiences now and well into the future. The G75VX supports 2-second instant on resume when equipped with solid state hybrid storage or SSD, which means no more delays on the path to domination.

    Relentless power for extreme PC gaming

    High-speed Intel® Thunderbolt™ connectivity

    Data and video via a single port with dazzlingly-fast performance

    High-speed Intel<sup />®</sup> Thunderbolt™ connectivity

    Combining PCI Express and DisplayPort in one consolidated connection and cable, Thunderbolt™ allows for data and video transmission at up to 10Gb/s, or twice the rate of USB 3.0. Fast speeds are sustained bi-directionally, and with the added bandwidth the entire system gains in responsiveness. It’s also designed for multiple devices at once, so up to six can be daisy-chained to one connector. For gamers, every speed boost is a major plus, and Thunderbolt™ data rates mean external displays and storage hook up to the G75VX with no compromise on quality, fidelity, or performance. This is the future of connectivity – now on G Series notebooks.

    Solid state hybrid drive

    Faster operating system performance and large storage capacity in one

    Combining a mechanical hard drive with a speed-tastic SSD cache creates solid state hybrid storage - the best of both worlds! You get a large hard drive with generous storage room, plus a high speed SSD to accelerate operating system tasks and other frequent activities. A perfect balance of space and speed, SSH offers 10,000rpm-like performance, and with RAID 0/1 supported on the G75VX, you get up to twice the read/write speeds on both the hard drive and SSD components, taking performance even further.

    Incredible 3D experiences

    Incredible 3D experiences

    High performance SSD RAID 0/1 configuration

    Up to twice the access speed of standard SATA III solid state drives

    Solid state drives and versatile RAID 0/1 modes optimize storage performance and therefore contribute to an overall speed boost. They're also more efficient, conserving battery power when you need it and lasting longer due to better spin management. With RAID 0/1, SSDs read and write about twice as fast as standard SATA configurations, contributing to that speed edge you crave.

    Incredible 3D experiences

    Incredible 3D experiences

    Supports NVIDIA® 3D Vision™ 2 with Active Shutter and 3D LightBoost

    The G75VX's greatness is made even better with support for NVIDIA® 3D Vision™ 2, including 3D Active Shutter and 3D LightBoost technology. Ensuring its place in the gaming hardware hall-of-fame, the G75VX makes experiencing games, movies, and photos in 3D more spectacular than ever before - all in full HD and with lifelike depth!

    Dual High-Definition Displays

    Intense audiovisual feasts

    Wide-view anti-glare screen plus exclusive SonicMaster audio

    Eye strain becomes a thing of the past with the G75VX’s matte-finish anti-glare display, while wide viewing angles reduce dead zones and improve visibility during gaming – particularly in dark environments. SonicMaster audio technology and the built-in subwoofer ensure rich and powerful sound that lends games and movies a whole new dimension of impact, while providing you better in-game audio intelligence to keep the competition at bay.

    Gamer-centric design

    Ergonomic backlit keyboard and soft-touch palm rests guarantee gamer comfort

    Gaming over long periods demands much from both gamer and machine, but with the G75VX, conquering in comfort is paramount to success on the battlefield. Fatigue is repelled thanks to advanced design, as the spacious, adjustable, and back-illuminated seamless one-piece keyboard and angled soft-touch palm rests make your comfort as instinctive as reloading your weapon. Plus, you get isolated arrow keys that guide your fingers with better positioning, so you're never distracted and stay focused on the screen rather than on finding the right key. Play stronger, game longer, and stay comfortable!

    Gamer-centric design
    Gamer-centric design

    Intelligent dual thermal system

    Dedicated CPU and GPU fans for supreme system cooling

    The G75VX packs a massive performance punch, which needs to be kept cool. Its dual fans and replaceable filters keep it running cooler and quieter at all times. Its unique intelligent thermal design improves power and efficiency by exhausting hot air from the back of the machine, allowing you to charge ahead and leave the competition battling for survival in your wake.

    ASUS ROG G75 Gaming Notebook Video

    Back-venting dual exhausts

    Heat and noise pushed away for more comfortable and quieter environments

    Dual rear-venting exhausts vanquish heat with ease, funneling it out the back of the G75VX so those high temps never bother your. By pushing heat out the back, the notebook's gamer-facing side stays extra cool, increasing your comfort. Additionally, while the fans are eminently quiet in any case, their position towards the back of the G75VX means you can barely hear them at all, as noise is also directed away from you. Cool and quiet: but deadly!

    Show heat the backdoor

    Keep your act clean with detachable filters

    Easy DIY take out and clean to ensure optimized cooling and prevent dust build-up

    The dual fans integrated in the G75VX ship with custom removable filters that you can pull out and clean at will. Prevent dust and particle build up, keep those filters clear, and experience optimal cooling plus better performance and stability. The design is extremely easy to use so anyone can do it. If you're into hardcore gaming, every last bit of chill is an ally, and peak-performance filters that you can DIY clean are definitely a plus.

    Keep your act clean with detachable filters
    Keep your act clean with detachable filters