ASUS ZenPad S 8.0 (Z580C)

    ASUS VisualMaster
    ASUS VisualMaster is a suite of exclusive visual enhancement technologies that combine hardware and software to deliver an incredibly realistic visual experience.
    * Features and specs may vary by SKU and country.
    Bluelight Filter
    ASUS TruVivid brings color to life with brilliant clarity
    ASUS ZenPad S 8.0 incorporates TruVivid technology to improve screen clarity, brightness, and touch responsiveness. This technology transforms the conventional four-layer display design—composed of cover glass, touch panel, air gap, and LCD module—into a two-layer, full lamination design, eliminating the air gap and combining the cover glass and touch panel layers. This offers higher optical transparency (>94%) than conventional display, resulting in brilliant color clarity and brightness.
    ASUS Bluelight filter
    ASUS Bluelight Filter helps reduce eye fatigue and provide a comfortable viewing experience by minimizing blue light emission from the screen without affecting other colors.
    Vivid, wide-angle viewing experience
    With its QXGA IPS display that has a wide 178-degree viewing angle, accurate color reproduction, and improved color clarity and brightness, ASUS ZenPad S 8.0 provides a fantastic picture for immersive entertainment experiences and general daily use.
    • 178°
    ASUS Splendid
    Rich, vibrant color
    ASUS ZenPad S 8.0 comes with ASUS Splendid technology to let you adjust image color, brightness, contrast, and sharpness for your own optimized viewing experience.