Extreme Quality Test
ASUS ExpertBook Series
ASUS ExpertBook Extreme toughness for business
High Temparature Test
Low Temparature Test
Temperature Shock Test
Humidiy Test
Altitude Test
Sand and Dust Test
Vibration Test
Drop Test
Shock Test
Keyboard Durability Test
Panel Pressure Test
Ball Drop Test
Hinge Test
Twist Test
Abrasion Test
Port Durability Test
Transportation Test
Salt Fog Test
US Standard Military Grade
High Temparature TestEndure 32-49°C for three full days, with the power on
Low Temparature TestEndure -21°~ ‒ 32°C for three full days, with the power on
Temperature Shock TestSurvive temperature extremes of between -51°-71°C, with one-minute transitions
Humidiy TestEndure 30°C and 60°C temperatures for 10 days, at 95% relative humidity
Altitude TestSurvive at up to 15,000 feet, and between 5°-40°C, to simulate pressure and temperate resilience
Sand and Dust TestSurvive operating temperature of between 25±2-60±2°C and dust density of up to 10±7 g/m3  for a 12-hour period
Vibration TestWithstand 10-500Hz physical vibration in all directions, for one hour
Drop TestSurvive 26 times drops from 122 cm, with package bundle
Shock TestEndure a total of 18 axis and direction gravitational shocks
Built to Endure, Anywhere
ExpertBook is Torture-Tested to Perfection
Keyboard Durability TestTo ensure the ultimate keyboard durability, specially designed ASUS robots test individual keys with millions of keystrokes
Abrasion TestThe chassis is rubbed repeatedly to ensure that it’s durable enough to brush off everyday scrapes and knocks
Ball Drop TestA ball is dropped repeatedly onto the touch panel to ensure it can endure unexpected bumps or pressure
Hinge TestThe laptop’s display is subjected to 20,000 open-and-close cycles
Twist TestTwist tests confirm that the chassis is strong enough to retain structural integrity
Port Durability TestPort tests ensure that contacts and plugs are durable even in environments where devices are frequently connected and disconnected
Free-Fall TestThe laptop must survive a single-direction drop from 120 cm, with the power on
Transportation TestThe laptop and packaging must withstand the rigors of transport and delivery, including acceleration and bump tests
Salt Fog TestThe laptop is exposed to 5% saline for 72 hours to ensure its chassis is incorrigible in smoggy environments
Noise and Audio Tests
Electric Performance Test
  • U.S. military-grade test procedures are based on the new 2020 US MIL-STD-810H standard. All new ExpertBook series laptops, including ExpertBook B1 and B3, are subjected to varying levels of the latest MIL-STD-810H military-grade tests.
  • Product-testing procedures vary depending on model and configuration.