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Who Needs a Dual-Screen Laptop Like the New Zenbook DUO?

Jan 10, 2024

Author: ASUS    Reading time: 6 minutes

A woman on a light green yoga mat is doing yoga on the right. She is looking at a dual screen laptop propped on the round table on her left. There are two screens on the laptop. The display on top is showing the woman’s yoga tutorial while the one on the bottom is in split screen showing different information.

Jan 10, 2024

If you use your laptop on a daily basis and would describe what you do as multitasking, more viewing space might be a great benefit. In the past, laptop users had to either compromise on screen size or use an external device to extend their screen space. But that changes now! The new Zenbook DUO is a dual-touchscreen laptop with a detachable Bluetooth® keyboard that offers twice as much screen real estate in a compact and portable form factor.

Busy Professionals

Zenbook DUO is a great tool for highly mobile professionals, as well as for those who work remotely or in a hybrid model. For example, Zenbook DUO is great for those who are often between desks — in meeting rooms, conference rooms, visiting other branch offices, performing off-site training, or simply traveling. Zenbook DUO provides the same convenience of a dual-screen setup — similar to what they may have at their office desk or at home with an external monitor. The Zenbook DUO can be propped up in a dual-screen mode on any surface, occupying very little space, making it easy to multitask when working in a café, in the car or plane, or anywhere else where the surface space to set up the laptop is limited.

Finally, any hybrid worker can benefit from being able to have the exact same setup in the office as at home, without occupying desk space with an external monitor.


There are many types of entrepreneurs, and for those who are constantly on the go, Zenbook DUO is a great option. Juggling the many aspects of running a new company can be challenging, so having that extended screen space available for multitasking in any location is a great benefit. There are some situations when the dual screen is particularly useful. For instance, while having an online meeting with investors, you can set up the Zenbook DUO in desktop mode and display the video conference app window on one screen and a presentation or other shared content on another screen, or simply get work done or search for information while discussing. Similar setups can be used during collaboration or brainstorming sessions as well.

A man in work attire is using a dual screened laptop on a large wooden table. He is coding on one half of the laptop and conferencing and researching on the other half.

Freelance Creatives

Another category of users who may benefit greatly from having two screens to work on — wherever they are — is freelance creatives such as graphic designers, photographers, writers, and others. For example, having two screens is ideal for working through revisions with a client, in real time. You can simply launch a videoconferencing app on one screen and have the appropriate software with the current project open in the other screen. Or, if you’re meeting face-to-face, use the sharing mode, with Zenbook DUO lying flat and content of one screen showing on the other one, but flipped upside-down to give the viewer across the table a natural experience.

A man in a blue shirt is typing on a dual screen laptop through a wireless keyboard. He is looking at graphics of a booth design on the upper screen while viewing references on the lower screen.


Zenbook DUO is also a great solution for journalists who need to go wherever the story is. Once footage is captured, it can be viewed on one screen and the other screen can be used to create supporting content.


A compact dual-screen laptop is perfect for creators as well — especially those who stream live content. Zenbook DUO allows you to share media on one screen while monitoring your followers' activity, comments, and interactions in real-time on the other screen.

Working Parents

If you’re a parent, you know that juggling the responsibilities of both work and home is tough. What if you could always keep an eye on your little one while working? Nothing simpler! Set up a camera in the room where your child stays, connect it to your laptop, and see what's going on at all times by opening a window with the live feed from the camera on one screen (or even just half of it), and all your work apps on another. This way, you can stay in the know without having to distract yourself by constantly checking another device or switching between windows.

A father has his daughter sitting on his lap by their kitchen table. They are speaking to a woman on the upper screen of the dual screened laptop placed in front of them and watching a video on the lower screen.

For Everyday Life

In modern life, where multitasking has become the norm, the two screens of Zenbook DUO offer limitless opportunities for productivity and entertainment. For example, having an extra screen allows you to communicate online with friends or family members while discussing specific details, such as a flight itinerary or accommodation options. Other possibilities include discussing a grocery list with a significant other, while having a video call on one screen and composing the list on the other. It’s also ideal for having more formal discussions. For example, you can videoconference with an architect on one screen while sharing online examples of project ideas on the other screen. The possibilities are unending.

We are looking at a woman use a dual screened laptop from a perspective behind the woman. She is watching a video on the upper screen and studying a map on the lower screen.

Learn More

The examples above outline just some of the ways a dual-screen laptop can benefit users — at work or at home. Imagine how twice as much viewing space may benefit you! To learn more, click the button below. Let’s DUO it!

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