Turn complexity into simplicity

ZenUI uses intelligence technology, the personal attitude, and the better life. No need of complicated thought and process, you can enjoy your wonderful life.

New Interface
Form and function

ASUS ZenUI was built to be functional first and foremost, but it also had to have elegance and beauty. It's simple and intuitive, but also smart as it helps you to keep track of your life.

The ASUS ZenUI user experience is based on the concept of design thinking: technology built to match your needs. Every time you use the phone, you feel that you are at the center of everything. It's designed just for you.

What's Next
ASUS What's Next helps you to keep track & intelligently manage your schedule.

What's Next will immediately remind you about the next important task or event, identify items that need a special reminder, and reduce the number of distractions so you can focus on what matters.

Do It Later
Manage your time and Do It Later

An interesting article shared by friends on social media, important daily news, an important e-mail sent from a colleague, and the text message from Mum - all the things you need to check and are afraid to forget about. Add these tasks into Do It Later, where all of your tasks will be clearly listed so you can quickly see what's on your to do list.

Excellent image quality comes from superb technology

PixelMaster is a unique ASUS-developed technology that combines software, hardware and optical design to deliver incredible image quality. With PixelMaster, your smartphone always produces professional high-quality photos. Best of all, it's with you all the time to capture every moment.

Open Cloud
Multi-devices, any content, accessible in any place

ASUS Open Cloud technology integrates the cloud space on Google Drive, Dropbox, and Microsoft OneDrive right into your favorite ASUS apps to make accessing your content as flexible as possible like file manager, music player and gallery apps. Your photos and music files can be streamed directly from the cloud to your ASUS mobile phone, eliminating the need to download & store the files in your phone's memory.

Omlet Chat
Chat with friends, share photos, videos and more

Omlet Chat is a free, open-source information system that makes chatting with friends even more fun. No matter where you are, add a friend into a group chat, select open apps to increase functionality - including drawing, photographic filters and more.

*The appearance and operation of some features may vary, depending on your device.