ROG Ally SD Card Reader(This is only for US)


ROG Ally SD Card Reader

We have become aware that a small number of SD card readers in the ROG Ally (2023) RC71L may not perform as expected. We are therefore extending the warranty on the SD card reader from twelve to twenty-four months. We will reimburse you for SD cards damaged by the SD card reader if you send the card(s) to us along with proof of purchase when you return your Ally for RMA service. If you do not have proof of purchase for your damaged SD card(s), we will reimburse the card’s(s’) fair market value as determined by us. If you previously sent your Ally to us for warranty service and did not receive a reimbursement for a damaged SD Card, you can contact us to discuss receiving reimbursement. In lieu of RMA service, you can return your Ally to us for a full refund within 90 days of purchase if you purchased your Ally (2023) RC71L from ASUS directly. Please contact 1-888-678-3688 (U.S. only) or for further details.

For other countries, if you are currently experiencing issues with your SD card reader, please contact your local customer service to request an RMA for your unit.