AURA Wallpaper Creator Introduction

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Aura Wallpaper Creator introduction

Model Supported

System Prerequisites

Application Install& Uninstall

Launch AURA Wallpaper Creator

Main Features



AURA Wallpaper Creator introduction

Aura Wallpaper Creator is an extension application of Aura Wallpaper. It is an editing application that integrate with ROG Aura lighting effect and Aura Wallpaper. It also provides various editing tool and allow user to select their wallpaper to create a highly-customized Aura Wallpaper lighting effects.


Model Supported

Supports ROG and TUF series Gaming laptop and desktop, and require Windows 10 and above operating system version.


System Prerequisites

The Aura Wallpaper Creator has been integrated into the Armoury Crate application. Users need to configure the Aura Wallpaper Creator settings through the Armoury Crate application.

Supported Version: Armoury Crate application version must be higher than V5.4.0 above.

*Please refer to Link for more details about Armoury Crate Introduction.


Application Install& Uninstall

How to get AURA Wallpaper Creator,please refer to [Aura Wallpaper Creator FAQ].

How to uninstall AURA Wallpaper Creator,please refer to Link.


Launch AURA Wallpaper Creator

Please refer to [Aura Wallpaper Introduction] to launch Aura Wallpaper application, and then click [Design Wallpaper] to launch Aura Wallpaper Creator.


Main Feature

AURA Wallpaper Creator Homepage

A System Management

B Lighting Zone Editing Tools

C Lighting Zone Editing Area

D Lighting Zone and Layer Management

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A System Management

Open Image: User can import their own image files. (Support .png .jpg .gif .bmp format)

Import: To Import a Aura Wallpaper format file.

Undo/Redo: Click to restore the last or next action of the editing operation.

Clear All: To clear all changed lighting zones and layers in the editing area.

Help: Provide more information about AURA Wallpaper Creator's feature highlights、quick tips and shortcut keys.

Settings: Provide information about AURA Wallpaper Creator edition.

Preview: Preview the lighting effects for edited lighting zone and layer currently.

Save & Apply: Save the currently edited file and apply it directly.

Save As: Save the currently edited file into a new file.

Export: Export and save the currently edited file.


B Lighting Zone Edit Tools

Create New Lighting Zone: To create a new lighting zone, users can select any range in the editing area to create a light area.

Brush Tool: Using Brush Tool to draw in selected lighting zone.

Magic Wand Tool: Select an area with the same color gamut within a lighting zone to create a layer lighting effect.

Lasso Tool: Using Lasso Tool to draw a graphic or polygonal lighting effect in a selected lighting zone.

Eraser Tool: Using Eraser Tool to erase the selected lighting zone content.

Type Tool: Insert text as a lighting effect layer.

Shape Tool: Provides a variety of basic graphics for user to apply.

Object Selection Tool: Using Object Selection Tool to move and adjust layer object within selected lighting zone.

Background Repositioning Tool: Using Background Repositioning Tool to move background image.


C Lighting Zone Edit Area

Edit Area: To create and edit the area range of the lighting area or layer.

Edit layout management: To adjust the edit area for zoom-in or zoom-out.


D Lighting Zone and Layer Management

All created lighting zone and layers will be listed here.

Layer locked: Unlock object layers for editing. Then you can copy, delete, and rename the layers.

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Q1: Why I can not re-edit text content of type tool effect?

A1: Once text lighting effect created, it will be unable to re-edit text content. If require modifying text content, please create a new text lighting effect.


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