Jun 04, 2021

ASUS Unveils All-New ExpertCenter Lineup for 2021

TAIPEI, Taiwan, June 4, 2021 — ASUS today unveiled the full 2021 lineup of ExpertCenter PCs that cater to three distinct market segments, and are available in a variety of different chassis sizes. The all-new ExpertCenter Essential (D5), Advanced (D7) and Premium (D9) desktops offer a diverse range of configurations and price points for businesses of all sizes, from small- and medium-sized offices to large enterprise. With a series of smart designs and case sizes that range from small form factor (SFF) to mini and full tower, the latest ExpertCenter PCs are ready to fit into almost any environment or scenario, including remote working, content creation, manufacturing and retail settings. They’re also designed with the goal of minimizing the total cost of ownership (TCO) to business, with industry-leading ASUS motherboards and 100% solid capacitors.

The refreshed ExpertCenter PCs are now powered by the latest up to 11th Generation Intel® Core™ processors and NVIDIA® GeForce® or RTX® graphics. They also feature tool-free design for easy maintenance, manageability, are built to US military-grade durability standards, equipped with business-grade security and management, and benefit from eco-friendly design choices that help to preserve the environment.

The full 2021 ExpertCenter lineup also features ASUS AI-powered noise-cancelation technology for crystal-clear audio and videoconferencing experiences — perfect for the increasingly-popular hybrid working patterns of modern businesses. The complete lineup of new machines is detailed in the following table:


Small Form Factor

Mini Tower

Full Tower

Key Benefit


Compact expandability

Serious expandability


9 liters

15 liters

20-27 liters








D700TC (27 liter)




D500TC (20 liter)

Professional performance: Up to Intel Core i9 processor, NVIDIA graphics and MyASUS

All models in the ASUS ExpertCenter PC lineup for 2021 have been upgraded to deliver superb business performance, with up to the latest Intel Core i9 processor. They also benefit from serious graphics power, with a range of professional-grade NVIDIA GeForce or RTX discrete graphics.

The new machines include MyASUS, the gateway tool for access to a variety of useful ASUS apps that help users get more out of their ExpertCenter PC. For example, MyASUS allows fan profiles to be managed for different usage scenarios, so enabling Performance mode maximizes speed and ramps up the fans to keep things cool. This gives users the freedom to get key tasks done more quickly, before reverting to Standard mode for quiet, efficient everyday computing.

MyASUS will also team up an ExpertCenter PC with an iOS or Android mobile device to allow the user to control the AI noise-cancelation features or contact after-sales service and support — all with just a few taps.

Easy maintenance: Tool-free chassis and loads of room for expansion cards

A cornerstone of the latest ASUS ExpertCenter PC designs is simplified maintenance and upgrades. The specifics vary by model, with features that include a tool-free chassis that can be opened up without the need for a screwdriver, and quick-release components. With D7 SFF and D9 SFF, for example, both the hard disk and optical drives can be easily removed with just bare fingers. This saves time and effort, making component upgrades and routine servicing easy.

The new PCs are also easy to upgrade, with easy access to the memory slots, and the mini-tower and tower chassis affording lots of room for expansion cards and other upgrades.

Military-grade durability: Tested to MIL-STD-810H, ASUS motherboards and 100% solid capacitors

ASUS ExpertCenter PCs are solidly built, and tested to the most demanding industry requirements, including MIL-STD-810H US military standards and stringent ASUS in-house testing. These rigorous tests include vibrations, shock and drops, exposure to extreme temperatures and humidity, plus packaging tests — ensuring that each ExpertCenter PC is fit to withstand everyday knocks and bumps in the workplace, and able to brush off the travails of transport and delivery.

They’re also built with ASUS motherboards — the world’s No.1 brand — which are renowned for offering comprehensive system protection to safeguard hardware, 24/7 stability through extensive testing of their own and consistent performance. They also benefit from 100% solid capacitors, which are important for storing charge and regulating voltage. This increases system stability, thermal capacity and longevity, resulting in a top-tier Mean Time Before Failure (MTBF) rating.

Business-strength security: ASUS Control Center, plus optional Intel vPro and TPM 2.0

ASUS ExpertCenter PCs are engineered with strong security and include a multitude of easy management features to streamline routine tasks, allowing IT staff to remotely control and manage company assets.

The optional Intel vPro® platform on ExpertCenter D9, for example, provides a framework that lightens the workload of an organization's IT department, improving both the hardware-to-technicians ratio and overall operational efficiency. Built-in security provides threat mitigation, identity and access protection, as well as data and asset protection. The Intel Core vPro processor also enables remotely-managed automated troubleshooting and advanced virtualization, reducing administration costs and ensuring that data is kept secure. ExpertCenter PCs also offer access to ASUS Control Center, a centralized IT-management suite that's capable of remote management, hardware and software monitoring, and task scheduling via a user-friendly web-based interface, allowing system administrators to conveniently manage company assets through a single portal.

There’s also the option of a TPM 2.0 chip with any ExpertCenter PC. This securely stores the authentication information such as passwords or encryption keys to protect important data and transactions.

Sustainability, built right in: Up to 80 PLUS Platinum PSUs for serious efficiency

Committed to creating a sustainable future, ASUS ExpertCenter PCs adopt stringent environmental requirements at all stages of the product lifecycle and optimize energy use — reducing their impact on the planet and lowering long-term operating costs for business. For example, the latest models include power supply units (PSUs) that carry up to 80 PLUS® Platinum certification for efficiency, indicating minimum wasted energy. As well as reducing heat generation, which is great for the local operating environment, for equivalent workloads these high-efficiency PSUs cost less to run than traditional PSUs.