ASUS ExpertCenter PN53

Ultra-compact mini PC with AMD Ryzen™ 6000H series processors and AMD Radeon ™ Graphics, supports Quad-4K displays and 8K resolution, 2x PCIe® Gen4x4 M.2 NVMe® SSD, 2.5 Gb LAN, WiFi 6E
  • Powered by the latest AMD Ryzen™ 6000H Series Processor with Radeon™ graphics
  • Quad-4K displays support and 8K UHD support**
  • Support 7 USB ports, including 2 x USB 4 Type C ports, and on-board dual HDMI ports
  • Features Two-Way AI Noise Cancelation to provide crystal-clear online voice communication
  • Support DisplayPort 1.4 & Power Delivery input through rear USB Type C port
  • Onboard 2.5GbE LAN delivering faster Ethernet connectivity
  • Multi-storage design, support up to up to 2x M.2 PCIe Gen4x4 SSD and 1x HDD
  • Integrated Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth for easy cordless connections
  • Configurable Ports support DP1.4/VGA/COM/HDMI options
  • 24/7 reliability — Extensively tested to ensure long-term dependability
ASUS ExpertCenter PN53
ExpertCenter PN53, front view, top-left diagonal
ASUS ExpertCenter PN53 Mini PC

Ultra-compact Mini PC provides flexible, comprehensive solutions

ASUS ExpertCenter PN53 is no lightweight when it comes to performance. It harnesses the power of the latest AMD Ryzen™ 6000 and 7000 Series processor combined AMD Radeon™ 600M series graphics, and can accommodate multiple storage combinations. There's also two ultrafast PCIe®Gen 4 SSD slots and DDR5 support to ensure fast boot times and rapid app loads.

Windows® 11 Pro
  • Up to
    Ryzen 9
    AMD Ryzen 6000 and 7000 Series processor
    AMD Radeon
    Integrated graphics
  • Up to
    2 x PCIe® M.2 SSD slots
  • Up to
    32GB* x2 DDR5
    Dual channel SO-DIMM memory
    2.5G LAN
    Onboard 2.5G Ethernet
  • Up to
    Wi-Fi 6E

*32G DDR5 memory only supported on 7000 series SKU

ASUS ExpertCenter PN53

System & CPU Performance

PN53 delivers a system performance uplift of up to 10% better performance in daily multitask computing, comparing to previous generation - providing powerful computing capacity and enabling easy multitasking and smooth operation.

*Testing configuration:
  • PN53|AMD Ryzen™ 7735HS Processor|2x16G DDR5 4800MHz |M.2 1TB SSD PCIE
  • PN52|AMD Ryzen™ 5800H Processor|2x16G DDR4 3200MHz |M.2 1TB SSD PCIE

Graphics Performance

ExpertCenter PN53 gets a significant graphical boost with Radeon™ Graphics to deliver crisp, clear visuals that are way ahead of its class. It delivers a marked improvement, raising its score from 55% in 3DMark Fire Strike and increasing 49% 3DMark Night Raid performance benchmarks.

*Testing configuration:
  • PN53|AMD Ryzen™ 7735HS Processor|2x16G DDR5 4800MHz |M.2 1TB SSD PCIE
  • PN64|Intel Core i7 12700H Processor|2x16G DDR4 3200MHz |M.2 1TB SSD PCIE
  • PN52|AMD Ryzen™ 5800H Processor|2x16G DDR4 3200MHz |M.2 1TB SSD PCIE

Ultrafast PCIe® 4.0 SSD

PCIe 4.0 doubles the data transfer rate of the prior PCIe 3.0 standard. ExpertCenter PN53 support one PCIe Gen4 x4 SSD to deliver greater data performance and lower latency.

  • *Test model: ASUS Mini PC | SAMSUNG GXA7301Q vs. SAMSUNG EXD7201
  • *Actual performance may vary depending on objective environmental changes.

Versatile USB 4 Type-C*

  • Power Delivery

    The Power Delivery (PD) function can either receive power from a supported display* or supply power to mobile devices.

  • Superfast data transfers

    Experience up to 40 Gbps data transmission speeds with USB*

  • DisplayPort

    Enjoy up to 8K @ 30 Hz video output*.

  • * Power Delivery (PD) input only supported by the rear USB 4 port.
  • * Actual speed may vary depending on devices and applications

Faster and Better DDR5 RAM

ASUS ExpertCenter PN53 is powered by the new AMD 6000 and 7000 Series CPU supporting the next gen memory - DDR5. With DDR5 4800MHz memory that is 1.5X faster and 8% more energy efficient than DDR4 3200MHz memory, PN53 provides excellent performance for daily computing tasks.

*32G DDR5 memory only supported on 7000 series SKU

RAM speed
Power consumption



4K Resolution & Quad Display Support

Integrated AMD Radeon 600M series graphics enable ExpertCenter PN53 to display stunning 4K UHD videos and imagery. With HDMI, USB-C DisplayPort and a configurable port that can be specified for video signal output, PN53 lets you extend your workspace across up to four displays.

4K Resolution & Quad Display Support
  • *Video playing or streaming in 4K or higher resolution requires dual channel memory configuration
  • *Configurable ports are confirmed SKU before configuring
  • *Actual resolution may vary depending on devices and application changes.

Ultra-realistic 8K Visuals

ExpertCenter PN53 supports stunning 8K UHD visuals via USB 4 or the configurable video output ports for detail four times greater than 4K, or a remarkable 16 times that of traditional FHD visuals. PN53 is capable of pumping out 8K imagery at 30 Hz via USB 4 or DisplayPort 1.4; or up to 60 Hz through HDMI 2.1* to bring images to life.

Ultra-realistic 8K Visuals
  • *Test model: SAMSUNG GXA7301Q / SAMSUNG EXD7201
  • *Actual performance may vary depending on objective environmental changes.
  • *SPEC may vary from country or region

Exceptional Connection Experience – Wi-Fi 6 & Wi-Fi 6E*

The built-in WiFi 6 module allows ExpertCenter PN53 to deliver smooth high-resolution video streams, fewer dropped connections, and faster performance farther away from the router, even in dense environments. WiFi 6E is an expanded version of WiFi 6 to support high-speed 160 MHz channels.

And Wi-Fi 6E is the expanded version of Wi-Fi 6 to support extra high-speed 160MHz channels*.

wifi 6 & wifi 6E
  • *Models with WiFi 6E only available in certain regions or countries, and is dependent on local regulations.
  • * WiFi-6-compatible devices required to enjoy all the benefits of WiFi 6 (802.11ax).
  • *The speed is calculated with WiFi 6 devices that support 160 MHz channels.
  • *The data refers to uplink-OFDMA
  • *Actual performance may vary depending on objective environmental changes.
    than standard AC 2x2 with 80 MHz channels
    improvement in dense environment for more devices
    seamless and reliable video displaying or conferencing

Configurable Port

ExpterCenter PN53 is well-equipped for a wide range of functions and can be used for digital signage, POS systems or intelligent vending machines. The configurable port can be specified with either HDMI, VGA, DisplayPort, or COM ports, for monitors or legacy devices such as barcode scanners or receipt printers.


*Configurable ports are confirmed SKU before configuring.

Superfast 2.5 Gbps Networking

2.5 Gb Ethernet provides superfast networking and data transfer speeds for efficient, productive multitasking.

Superfast 2.5 Gbps Networking

Easy modification,
maximum possibilities

An optional multi-storage design that accommodates up to two PCIe Gen4 M.2 SSD and a 2.5-inch solid-state drives(SSD) or hard disk drives (HDD) for added storage flexibility.

Power Delivery (PD) – Input & Output

PD input lets the monitor*  provide power to ExpertCenter PN53 via a single USB-C cable, allowing for a neater workstation. ExpertCenter PN53 is able to receive power and deliver a DisplayPort signal via this connection, and also supply power to charge mobile devices.

  • * Power Delivery (PD) input only supported by the rear USB 4 port.
  • * Actual speed may vary depending on devices and applications

Extreme cooling

To unleash high-end performance in such a compact machine, ASUS designers and engineers fine-tuned every aspect of the ExpertCenter PN53’s cooling system. The self-cleaning fan module includes flat heat pipes that are connected to full-sized heatsinks and fan outlets. This comprehensive cooling solution enables the CPU to operate at optimum temperatures for stronger performance that lasts.

Extreme cooling
  • *All test data is according to ASUS testing result, comparing to early generation design.
  • *Actual performance may vary depending on objective environmental changes.

Anti-Dust Self-Cleaning System

The Anti-Dust Self-Cleaning System not only keeps the heatsinks clean, but also effectively ejects the dust and other particles to prolong the lifespan of the system. The fan is never overworked, so less noise is generated for a quieter workstation.

The principle of centrifugal force acts upon the dust or particles moving in the circular path within the fan, which is effectively pushed away from the axis of the rotation and enters the anti-dust tunnels.

Dust and other particles in the fan module are blown along the fan walls, and eventually expelled out of the chassis through the anti-dust tunnels. This prevents buildup on the heatsink fins.

Enhanced Software - MyASUS

  • AI Noise Cancelation

    • Two-Way AI Noise Cancelation Filters unwanted noise from the microphone and incoming audio for crystal-clear voice communication.
    AI Noise Cancelation
  • System Diagnosis

    • Hardware diagnostic
    • Scenario check-up Provides brief descriptions to enable users to identify different situations encountered and select the ideal diagnostic checkup required.
    System Diagnosis
  • Smart Fan Control

    • Performance & Quiet modes Gives users the flexibility to use maximum fan speed during heavy loads or switch to a lower speed for silent operation.
    Smart Fan Control
  • Other Functions

    • WiFi SmartConnect Optimizes the wireless connection
    • TaskFirst Allocate networking bandwidth to specific tasks.
    • Link to MyASUS Allows users to connect the computer to a mobile device.
    Other Functions
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