TUF Gaming AX5400 Dual Band WiFi 6 Gaming Router with dedicated Gaming Port, 3 steps port forwarding, AiMesh for mesh WiFi and AiProtection Pro network security
  • Ultrafast WiFi 6 - Enjoy speeds up to 5400 Mbps and 4X network efficiency with OFDMA and 160 MHz channels.
  • Fast & Stable Wired Gaming - Dedicated gaming port to prioritize connected gaming device.
  • Easy Port Forwarding in 3 Steps - Open NAT makes port forwarding simple, eliminating frustrating and complicated manual configuration.
  • ASUS AiMesh Support – Create a flexible, seamless whole-home mesh network with AiMesh-compatible routers.
  • Tested Durability and Stable Operation - TUF Gaming AX5400 is built to be durable and undergoes verified testing to ensure reliable, stable operation.
TUF Gaming AX5400
TUF Gaming AX5400 top view, tilted 45 degrees, with Aura lighting
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WiFi 6 gaming router for 2 time speed and 4 time capacity

WiFi 6.

4x4 160MHz

WiFi 5.

4x4 80MHz

WiFi 6 gaming router for 2 time speed and 4 time capacity

4X Capacity. 2X Faster.*

WiFi 6 provides faster wireless speeds with OFDMA, BSS coloring and MU-MIMO technologies, and it also boosts network efficiency, so all your devices get their fair share of WiFi bandwidth. It's perfect for busy networks with lots of different WiFi devices, such as laptops, smartphones and smart home devices.

*The data compares speed of 4X4 WiFi 6 solution on 5GHz band 160MHz channel to speed of 4X4 WiFi 5 solution on 5GHz band 80MHz channel
WiFi 6 gaming router for 2 time speed and 4 time capacity

WiFi 6.

4x4 160MHz

WiFi 5.

4x4 80MHz

TUF-AX5400 I/O port TUF-AX5400 I/O port (focused)



Get the WAN bandwidth you paid for

True Multi-Gigabit Wired Speeds

For true multi-gigabit performance, you need both WAN and LAN connections that support these speeds. TUF Gaming AX5400 features both WAN and LAN aggregation, so you can enjoy 2 Gbps wired speeds from your modem all the way to your PC or NAS.

TUF gaming router for 80% wider WiFi coverage TUF-AX5400
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80% Wider

WiFi Coverage

WiFi that Goes Further

We've designed TUF Gaming AX5400 to give you the widest possible WiFi coverage. It uses OFDMA, a new technology in WiFi 6 that allows signals to travel further than they can in WiFi 5. With a 4x4 MIMO configuration and separate 2.4 GHz and 5GHz antennas to reduce interference, along with other enhancements like beamforming, which focuses the signal towards each device, TUF Gaming AX5400 reaches every corner.

Mesh WiFi system for whole home coverage
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Flexible and Scalable Wireless Mesh Networking

If you need more coverage or new functions, you can simply add another compatible router to your AiMesh network at any time!

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about AiMesh

Stable and Durable

TUF Gaming AX5400 is engineered to deliver maximum WiFi performance. The vent location and double heatsink design improve cooling for increased stability, and the fixed antennas and metal port protectors increase physical durability.

  • Humidity Test

    Humidity Test

  • I/O Test

    I/O Test

  • Stress Test

    Stress Test

  • EMI Test

    EMI Test

Gaming router with fixed-antennas-and-metal-port-protector for durability


Fixed Antennas


Metal Port Protector

Gaming router with heatsink for better thermal


Aluminum Heatsinks

with nanocarbon coating

3 router modes for PC console and mobile gaming Mobile Game Mode Gaming Port Open NAT
  • 01.

    Mobile Game Mode

  • 02.

    Gaming Port

  • 03.

    Open NAT

One Router.
Three Modes.
All Game Types.

TUF Gaming AX5400 provides gamers with different features for different game types.

optimize packets for video streaming or work at home optimize packets for video streaming or work at home

Switch Modes for an Easy Life

Optimize whatever you're doing with different modes, and boost the task at hand!

Simultaneous Gaming and VPN

VPN Fusion lets you run both a VPN and an ordinary internet connection - simultaneously! So even if other network users need to use a VPN, you can still enjoy maximum gaming speeds.

  • Without VPN Fusion

  • With VPN Fusion

Gaming and VPN at the same time vpn internet
without vpn
with vpn
network security and parental controls with ASUS AiProtection

Security for Your Home

Home network security is crucial when you have multiple connected devices, and even more so when there are devices without anti-virus capabilities such as IoT devices. TUF Gaming AX5400 includes lifetime free AiProtection Pro, including the latest WPA3 security protocol and advanced Parental Controls. Every device is protected with TUF Gaming AX5400, and you can keep an eye on everything that's happening on your network via the handy mobile app.

  • AiProtection Pro

    AiProtection Pro

  • WPA3 Security Protocol

    WPA3 Security Protocol

  • Advanced Parental Controls

    Advanced Parental Controls

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network security for free WiFi from ASUS router

More Privacy, Anywhere

Instant Guard gives you one-click secure internet access via TUF Gaming AX5400 from anywhere in the world, thanks to its encrypted data-tunneling VPN technology. With TUF Gaming AX5400, you can take your home network with you wherever you go — and say goodbye to web-based third-party VPNs!

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