[Notebook/Desktop/AIO] GlideX - Introduction

GlideX - is a cross-device screen sharing solution. Wired or wireless connections can be used to create a larger and better space for work or play. GlideX optimizes your workflow in the blink of an eye!

Before you start reading this article, we recommend that you watch our introductory video.


Table of contents

  1. Requirements for computer and mobile devices
  2. First launch of GlideX App
  3. Mobile permission requirement
  4. Subscription service
  5. Main feature: Mirror
  6. Main feature: Extend
  7. Main feature: Unify Control
  8. FAQ and feedback


1. Requirements for computer and mobile devices:

Computer side:

  • Support for computers with Windows operating system, LAN, Wi-Fi and USB
  • Windows operating system: Windows 10/11 64-bit (version 1909 and later) (Note that GlideX is NOT available in Windows in S mode)
  • Graphics driver supports H.264 codecs.

Mobile device side:

  • iOS devices require 14.0 and later
  • Android device requires 9.0 and higher
  • Graphics driver supports H.264 codecs.

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First launch of GlideX App

2.1 Computer side 

Please download GlideX for Windows from the Microsoft Store. After installing it, you are advised to follow the instructions below:

(1) Search for ①[GlideX] in the search bar in the lower left corner of the desktop on computer, then click ②[GlideX] and GlideX will be launched.


(2) At the GlideX welcome page, click ③[Next].

(3) Select either China or Global service to access GlideX comprehensive suite of service based on your location.

  • China service: For users located in China
  • Global service: For all users (except those located in China)

(4) On the End User License Agreement and GlideX Terms and Conditions page, select ④[I acknowledge and agree to the above], and then click ⑤[Confirm].

(5) On the Privacy Notice page, select ⑥[I agree], and click ⑦[Confirm].

(6) In the download GlideX mobile application page, there is ⑧[QR Code] in the red box on the right. If you do not have GlideX installed on your mobile device, please scan the QR Code with your mobile device's camera and download the GlideX app. After downloading, click ⑨[Next].

(7) You can enter GlideX main page.


2.2 Mobile device side

Please download GlideX from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. For the Android users without Google Play Store, please download the Android package. After installing it, you are advised to follow the instructions below:

(1) Select either China or Global service to access GlideX comprehensive suite of service based on your location. Please make sure that the service is the same as the one on GlideX for Windows app. Then, tap ①[I agree] at End User License Agreement and the GlideX Terms and Conditions, and then tap ②[OK]. Tap ③[I agree] at Privacy Notice, then tap ④[OK]. Tap ⑤[Continue to see third party ads] on the GlideX Services and Ads Notice page, and tap ⑥[OK]. The next page will suggest you download the GlideX application on your computer. If your computer has not downloaded it yet, tap ⑦[link] to go to the Microsoft Store to download. If you already have GlideX installed, tap ⑧[Installed]. Then you will navigate to the main page of GlideX.


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3. Permissions required by GlideX

Android devices

(1) Request Nearby devices permission

When you enter the mobile app for the first time, a pop-up window will prompt you to enable Request Nearby devices permissions, tap ①[OK], and then tap ②[Allow all the time].

(2) Display over other apps permission

Open the sidebar on the left of the main app page on mobile apps, tap ①[Permission Management], tap ②[Display over other apps], find and tap ③[GlideX], tap to turn on ④[Allow display other apps].


(3) Allow to modify system settings permission

 Return to the permission management page, tap ①[Allow to modify system settings], tap to turn on ②[Allow to modify system settings].


(4) Screen recording permissions

Return to the permission management page, tap ①[Screen recording], tap ②[Start Now].

(5) Access the camera permission

 Return to the permission management page, tap ①[Access the camera], tap to turn on ②[Allow only while using the app]. The permissions required for GlideX to use properly are enabled.


iOS devices

Tap ①[OK] to allow GlideX's local network access, then you can select to tap ②[OK] to get Bluetooth permissions, then you can select to tap ③[Allow] to get notification permissions. To scan the QR code from the GlideX app on your computer, open the side menu > [Permission Management]. Then, tap [Access the camera] and tap ④[OK] to allow permissions.

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4. Subscription service

GlideX currently provides subscription services for users in the following regions based on the mobile device platform registered by members. If you encounter any problems when enabling the subscription service, please check: [GlideX] Common GlideX subscription service problems

(1) To subscribe to GlideX service, please login to the same account on the Windows and mobile apps. Click ①[User Center] on the side menu of the Windows app, then ②[Key-in your account and password], and then click ③[Login]. On the mobile side, tap ④[Log into GlideX], then ⑤[Key-in your account and password], and then tap ⑥[Log in].

(2) After the account login is complete, you can choose any of plan on the mobile app > Side menu > [My Subscription].

*Select the desired resolution and refresh rate. Please note that the actual performance will depend on your network and hardware capability.

** Depend on your network and hardware capability, the resolution and refresh rate of native quality would actually be higher than 2K60.

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5. Mirror

Mirror function allows you to project your device's screen to a PC for easier keyboard input and more screen space. Use your Android or iOS apps via Windows in the productive space of your PC!

(1) On the main page of GlideX, click ①[Connect], click your ②[mobile device]. A notification will pop-up on mobile app, tap ③[Accept]

If you can't find your mobile device or encounter any other problems, please refer to: [GlideX] How to connect device(s) via Wi-Fi or USB cable

If you use an Android device to connect to a computer via USB cable, you need to turn on the USB debugging settings first. Please refer to: [GlideX] How to enable USB debugging for Android devices?

If you connect to 2.4GHz WiFi band, please refer to the following link to learn how to switch to 5GHz for a better screen-sharing experience:  [GlideX] How to switch from 2.4GHz to 5GHz for a better screen sharing experience?

(2) After enabling Mirror, if you want to use the mouse or keyboard on the computer side to control the mobile device, or use the computer's speaker to play the media sound of the mobile device, click the ④[PC Control] button, and then click ⑤[Start Bluetooth Pairing]

If you encounter any problems with Bluetooth pairing, please refer to: [GlideX] Bluetooth pairing problems

(3) A pop-up dialog will appear on the mobile device side, indicating that [GlideX] requires 120 seconds to be turned on for other Bluetooth devices to detect your phone, please click ⑥[Allow]. Please confirm that the ⑥[pairing code] on the computer and mobile devices are the same, and then click ⑦[Pair] on both computer and mobile devices. If the pairing fails, unpair both sides and then manually pair each other on the Bluetooth pairing page.

(4) After the computer is successfully paired, and the following pop-up window will display.

(5) After the PC control function is turned on, on the Mirror side menu, there are ①[PC Control] function, including ②[Keyboard & Mouse] switch button, ③[Audio] switch button, ④[Input method shortcut hint], ⑤[Settings] button, ⑥[Mobile device control] button, and ⑦[Control] button. 

When using the [PC Control] function of the mirror feature, if you encounter any problems, please refer to: [GlideX] How to Use Screen Mirror PC Control

Keyboard & Mouse - To use PC's keyboard for typing on the connected mobile device, the hotkey varies on the mobile systems:

  • Android devices: Switch Language (press Shift + Space key) & Switch input method (press Shift + Alt key), which is available on Google keyboard and Samsung keyboard.
  • iOS devices: Switch Language (press Ctrl+ Space key)

To use PC's mouse on the mobile device*, switch to Mirror mouse mode by clicking on the mirrored screen. To exit from that mode, press Esc. Moreover, you can also customize your pointer speed based on the mobile systems:

  • Android devices: Click the [Settings] button to adjust the speed.
  • iOS devices: Go to your mobile device [Settings] > [General] > [Trackpad & Mouse]. We recommend you drag the "Tracking Speed" slider to the lowest. At the same time, turn off the [Natural Scrolling] setting to maintain your scrolling behavior on the computer.

* Go to your mobile device [Settings] > [Accessibility] > [Touch] > Turn on [AssistiveTouch], or ask Siri to [Turn on AssistiveTouch].

Audio - This function requires PC later than 20H1 devices. If it is a lower version, it is recommended that you upgrade the operating system for this function. Currently, GlideX supports streaming stereo music.

(6) When your mobile device is displayed in a landscape (for example, if you watch a video), the Window page of your computer will also be displayed horizontally.  

(7) How do I switch the screen streaming quality for Mirror?

If your network is unstable, it is recommended that you switch to 5 GHz WiFi, or click ①[Settings] to subscribe to unlock [Dynamic mode] in ②[Streaming quality] or connect with a USB cable for a better experience.

(8) You can also use the Mirror function by using a USB connection, as shown in the following figure. 

When using USB connection, you need to open the permissions of the mobile device first, please refer to the connection: [GlideX] How to enable USB debugging for Android devices? | Official Support | ASUS Global

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6. Extend


(1) Click ①[Connect]

(2) Ultra users can connect two devices, click ②[Devices] respectively, the connection steps on the mobile device side are similar to those described above. The following describes the steps you need to take when the connected device is a PC. 

(3) A pop-up prompt will appear in the GlideX App on another computer, click ③[Accept]

(4) The following screen will appear on the second computer, click ④[Full screen] to make the screen of the first computer full screen on the second computer. 

(5) At this point, the extended screen of the first computer will be displayed in full screen on the second computer, and you can exit full-screen mode by pressing the [ESC] key of the second computer. 

(6) Go back to the GlideX app of the first computer, you can see that ⑤[Two devices] have been used as extended screens, click ⑥[Preference]

(7) In ⑦[Display/Device Rearrangement] on the left, you can set the relative position of the screen. In ⑧[Streaming Quality] on the right, you can set the quality of the two extended screens.

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7. Unify Control

(1) Click ①[Connect]

(2) Select your ②[Devices] and then connect. 

(3) After the device connection is complete, click ③[Preference] on the following screen. 

(4) Adjust the relative position of the monitor and device in ④[Display/Device Rearrangement]

(5) When using the Unify Control function, you may encounter problems such as not being able to find the mouse. Click ⑤[Settings], click ⑥[General], and adjust the pointer or keyboard switching options in ⑦[Unify Control keyboard and curorr options]

(6) Connect one device to use the Unify Control function, and you can also connect another device to use the Mirror function or Extend function, as shown below. You can adjust the relative position of devices in ⑧[Display/Device Rearrangement], and you can quickly adjust the quality of communication in ⑨[Streaming Quality]

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8. FAQ and feedback

If you find any problems or have any feedback to GlideX, please give feedback via GlideX for Windows and mobile app, relevant instructions please refer to: [GlideX] Learn how to send feedback to GlideX | Official Support | ASUS Global

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