ASUS Vigour Backpack

ASUS Vigour Backpack

Minimal design, limitless journeys

A woman on the left is holding an ASUS Vigour Backpack by its handle. On the right is a close-up view of a woman carrying an ASUS Vigour Backpack on her shoulder.


Lightweight versatility

A disembodied arm extends through a wall, with an ASUS Vigour Backpack supported by a single finger on the hand.
Fits up to
0.75 kg
Non-slip mesh strap
Non-slip mesh strap

Product care instructions

  • Clean the surface of the bag with a soft brush or damp, clean cloth with water or neutral detergent.
  • Keep the bag in a cool and dry place.
  • Avoid exposing the bag to direct sunlight or high humidity.


Modern edge design

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An ASUS Vigour Backpack is shown from above sprinkled with water droplets, next to a water bottle and umbrella.
Smooth artificial PU
Water repellent & Anti-scratch
The sketch of ASUS Vigour Backpack’s interior compartment.


Plentiful storage

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Hidden pocket on the rear for quick access
Hidden pocket on the rear for quick access
Magnetic front pocket
Magnetic front pocket


High build quality

Crocking Test iconCrocking Test
Abrasion Resistance iconAbrasion Resistance
Water Repellence iconWater Repellence1
Pressure Resistant Test iconPressure Resistant Test
Thermal Shock Resistant Test iconThermal Shock Resistant Test


Designed with the environment in mind

An ASUS Vigour Backpack is shown from the side, hanging on a tree.
sustainable fabric (rPET) iconsustainable fabric (rPET)
recycled plastic bottles used per backpack iconrecycled plastic bottles used per backpack
100 g
of plastic saved by each backpack
energy saved during production3
less water3
less CO₂3
A sketch illustrating the process of manufacturing the ASUS Vigour Backpack.

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