ProArt Mouse Pad PS201

Glide to greater creativity


Soft and smooth, with a sophisticated edger

Magnetic Areas

All your bits, kept neat and tidy


ASUS AntiBacterial Guard

Keeps the bugs at bay

ASUS Antibacterial Guard


Pixel-perfect glide

Easy Cleaning
Precise Control


Double the Creativity

  • Positively-charged silver (Ag+) ions bind with the cell walls of negatively-charged microbes and bacteria, disrupting their internal functions and killing them off.
  • ASUS Antibacterial Guard treatment is registered by the U.S. EPA and authorized under EU BPR.
  • With an antibacterial activity (R) result of R > 2. R = 2 indicates a 99% reduction in bacterial activity compared to an untreated surface.
  • ASUS internal tests show that PS201 can be safely cleaned and wiped using hypochlorous acid water or alcohol from a spray bottle. Individual sprays of up to 3 cc do not affect the performance of the ASUS Antibacterial Guard treatment.
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