Important Information

What should I do before contacting ASUS?

Back up all your personal data and remove any confidential, proprietary information on the hard drive. ASUS will not be responsible for any loss of your own programs, data or information. If you received an error message, write it down with the fault description and include it with the product. Retrieve the following information from your ASUS product: operating system version, BIOS version, and notify if you have made any recent hardware or software changes. Ensure you have the following information readily available: your ASUS product’s model name, serial number, sales invoice/receipt with date of purchase and warranty card. You will be required to provide proof of purchase before warranty service can be performed. 

To expedite your Service Experience it is also recommended that you create a case number before calling in. To create a case number online Click Here and you will receive an email notification once completed be sure to reference your case number when calling for faster service.