Important Information

Product - Specific Handling Instructions for RMA

Last Update : 2019/10/19

**Instructions are valid for US and Canada RMA only**


Please read carefully for items that may required to be sent in with your defective product.


Displays and Projectors
Click here to review Zero Bright Dot (ZBD) warranty prior to sending in
Power Related Issues: Include power cord and adapter

Graphic Cards
Please return with the original ASUS heat sink, otherwise, it will be considered as physical damage

Please remove the CPU from Motherboard and place the original CPU covering plate over the socket

Wireless and Network:
Power Related issues: Include power cord and adapter

Notebook, Netbooks, All-in-One PC, Tablets, and Desktop PC
ASUS IS NOT RESPONSIBLE TO YOU OR ANY THIRD PARTY FOR LOSS OF DATA.  All or some data may be lost during the inspection or repair process.  You are responsible for backing up all data BEFORE sending your product to ASUS.  ASUS' AFFILIATES AND CONTRACTORS ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR LOSS OF ANY DATA.

ASUS DOES NOT RETURN ORIGINAL PARTS IF REPLACEMENT PARTS ARE NEEDED. ASUS will not return the original part, if it is being replaced.  The product must be sent in the original factory state and should not be returned with any parts that may have been upgraded or modified. We will not guarantee return of any original parts after repair. This may result in the loss of data; for example, if your hard drive needs to be replaced.  You are responsible for backing up all data BEFORE you send your product to ASUS.  ASUS' AFFILIATES AND CONTRACTORS ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR RETURNING ORIGINAL PARTS IF THEY ARE BEING REPLACED.

ASUS IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THIRD PARTY SOFTWARE INSTALLED OUTSIDE OF ORIGINAL MANUFACTURE'S SPECIFICATIONS.  Repair may result in third party software being deleted or otherwise affected.

Remove any operating system passwords to prevent delays in repair.
Power Related issues: Include power cord, adapter, and battery
Instability issues: Include HDD (Hard Disc Drive)
Customized units: Please contact your place of purchase to have the unit returned to original manufacturer specification PRIOR to sending in your unit into an Authorized ASUS Repair Center.
Remove any screen protectors, memory cards, or 3rd party sleeves, cases or covers

Please note: all other accessories sent in with your return and not listed above will not be returned to you. For example: user manuals, software, original box, I/O shields, and stands/bases for display products.  As well as non-ASUS products such as: CPU, Memory, After-market Heatsink/Fans, or other components, memory cards, etc. Customers requesting accessories to be returned will be responsible for shipping cost.