Important Information

Online RMA Instructions

Last Update : 2022/01/17

Who is eligible to purchase an one-way shipping label?

If you are consumer and your unit is still within warranty, you will be eligible to purchase a one way shipping label from ASUS.

What are the benefits to purchase an one-way shipping label from ASUS?

Saving – Who doesn’t like discount? Take advantage on using ASUS shipping rate to save money on shipping label.

Convenience – No more waiting in long lines. Just print label from any printer and ship.

How much does it cost to purchase an one-way shipping label?

It will be an upfront cost starting at $25 USD for Components and starting at $40 USD for system products.

How long will it take for me to receive my shipping label?

It may take ASUS up to 24 hours to process your payment, after which we will create and send your shipping label to the email address provided to us.

What if my product is out of warranty?

If you believe your product has not yet reached the warranty end date, please upload your proof of purchase by creating your Online RMA (step 1).

If your product has reached or is past it’s warranty end date, you may still proceed to have your unit repaired by our repair centers. In order to continue with an RMA (Return Materials Authorization) for out of warranty repair services, a Diagnostic Fee is required to be paid in advance prior to sending in your product based on your product type. The Diagnostic Fee is non-refundable, and does not cover the actual cost of repair. The fee does include 2-way shipping for your convenience. Please allow 48 business hours for processing of your Diagnostic Fee payment once it has been submitted.

After the diagnostic fee is paid, your RMA instructions, checklist and pre-paid shipping label will be processed and sent to you via email in order to send in the unit. Please follow your RMA instructions and checklist carefully in order to avoid any delay in repair services. Once your product is delivered to the repair center and is examined by a technician, we will contact you directly with a repair quotation via email to provide the final cost of repairs. After payment of your final repair quotation has been confirmed, the technician will proceed with repairs to your product. You will receive status updates for your RMA via email during the repair process. Repair status can also be checked using your RMA or Serial number on our website here.


Step 1: Do you already have a RMA number? If so, please proceed to Step 2; otherwise please create your Online RMA first (United States or Canada).

Step 2: If you would like to purchase a shipping label (for US and Canada consumer customers only) from ASUS, please click here.

Step 3: If you would like to upgrade the return shipping method once your RMA is complete, please click here. Please note that the purchase of this label is only to upgrade the shipping method after repair is complete.


What happens next?

After you obtain a RMA number, please allow 24-48 hours for processing.