Important Information

Advance Replacement Options & Instructions

For North America Customers only (US and Canada)

ASUS Computer International (North America) offers the ability for S.I. (System Integrator) and V.A.R. (Value Added Reseller) customers exclusively to arrange for the replacement of defective ASUS server Barebone, Server Motherboard, Workstation Motherboard products. This Advance Replacement for Server (ARS) term contains instructions for S.I. and V.A.R. customers to obtain a replacement.

Steps to Advance Replacement for Servers (ARS):

  1. Contact ASUS via Email or phone for technical assistance & problem diagnostic of ASUS Server products:
    ARS Request Email :
    Server Support Phone Line : 812-282-2787
  2. If the problem is determined as hardware failure by ASUS, Customer may proceed to receive a RMA and request for Advance Replacement Service (if eligible based on warranty entitlement)
  3. Fill out the online ARS Request Form: for credit card hold within 3 business days of receiving the RMA
  4. Return the original defective product to ASUS within 14 days from the date replacement product was received.


  • ASUS Server Advance Replacement Service (hereinafter the "ARS") will be applied to North America.
  • ARS only covers Server products within the first year of purchase. Customer may be required to provide valid proof of purchase from an authorized ASUS reseller before processing the request.
  • ASUS Barebone Server products; such as AP130D/D5, AP1700-S4/S5, AP1600R-S4/S5, AP140R, AP160R-S or later models are applicable to ARS; earlier models will not be applicable for ARS.
  • Only limited Barebone and Server parts; which might influence the system function & operation, will be applicable to ARS: for instance, fans, boards, cards & power supply units.
  • In normal condition, the replacement product could be expected to ship out in the same day of ARS request if the ARS Request Form is received before 1 PM (PST) based on product availability. If the ARS form is received after 1 PM (PST), the delivery of the replacement product shall be shipped the next business day. Customer is required to complete the form and provide a credit card number to secure the replacement. Incomplete or illegible forms will delay processing.
  • Customer will be asked to write the RMA number on the packing material of defective product.
  • An unauthorized return, i.e. one for which an RMA number has not been issued, will be returned to the customer at their own expense. Authorized returns are to be shipped pre-paid and insured to the address on the RMA instructions.
  • If Customer has not sent out the defective product after the 14th day of receiving the replacement, Customer's credit card will be billed for the original MSRP of the product; and ASUS will not accept any return of defective product for that RMA.
  • ASUS will examine if the defect is caused by hardware or power related issues within 3 working days after the receipt of defective part from Customer. If CID (Customer Induced Damage) is found after inspection, Customer will be informed via email or phone within 1 working day. Once Customer agrees with the inspection result, an extra service fee; including Repair Charge and Shipping Charge, will be billed to Customer. If CID is determined not repairable, the price of that replacement product will be charged.